It's Time for Fall Skincare Boot Camp!

Summer is not your skin’s best friend, as I’m sure we can all see in the fall. Too much sun can leave its mark in the form of premature aging, dullness, uneven skin, and congestion.

Time to reboot your skin with the Fall Skincare Boot Camp challenge! Here are Olga’s 2-week, step-by-step instructions to transform your skin and get back your radiant glow. Just in time for the holidays!

Olga’s Fall Skincare Boot Camp Challenge

Every PM for 2 Weeks

  • Cleanse thoroughly at night before applying the peel system (no toner necessary). 
  • Exfoliate every night with the Red Carpet Facial. All skin types can do this except acneic or congested, and for those skin types use the Deep Detox Facial every second night instead.
  • After the Red Carpet Facial treatment, proceed with the Nighttime Skin Quencher — or with Weightless Moisturizer if you used the Deep Detox Facial. 
  • Don’t forget your Eye Cream! 

Every AM for 2 Weeks

  • In the morning you don’t need to cleanse, just tone and hydrate. If your skin type is normal, dry, or sensitive, use Dry Skin Toner. If oily or congested, use Rebalancing Toner. 
  • Proceed with Intense Moisturizer or Weightless Moisturizer, depending on your skin type.
  • If you are using Vitamin C serums use only every second day.
  • Use light, non-comedogenic sunblocks.

At the end of the two weeks, continue with the recommended weekly usage of the Red Carpet Facial or the Deep Detox Facial (once a week). Or, if your skin is moderately to highly congested, you may use the Deep Detox treatment twice a week.

Enjoy the results! 

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