You Are What You Eat: Eating for Clear Skin

It’s no secret that eating well puts you on the path to looking great. You are what you eat…sound familiar? But this isn’t purely a calories-in-versus-calories-out equation. It’s about eating for clear skin — choosing quality ingredients and avoiding foods that make your system work harder than it needs to. Here are a few things to choose and avoid for a more radiant complexion.


No need to ditch your morning cup of coffee. Chalk-full of antioxidants, a daily cup of joe can be beneficial for your skin. But too much caffeine works like a diuretic, leaving your skin dehydrated.


Sugar causes inflammation, which can lead to redness, rashes and even breakouts. Add to that the dehydrating properties and overall stress it causes to your digestive system and all of sudden adding sugar doesn’t sound so sweet.


Now wait…grains in moderation are ok. But keep in mind, not all grains are created equal. Wheat is especially bad due to the burden it places on your gastrointestinal system and liver. When your liver is overworked it passes along some of the responsibility to another vehicle for detoxification: your skin.


Again, in moderation, alcohol is fine. But limit your intake to avoid dehydration, and opt for red wine. Specifically wine from France or Italy, which contain fewer sulfates.


The hormones in dairy can overstimulate sebaceous glands, causing an overproduction of oil, eventually leading to breakouts. Opt for a splash of almond milk in your coffee and ditch the dairy.

Fried foods

Frying food changes its molecular structure making it more difficult to digest. The healthiest fats for your skin are from raw sources like avocado and flaxseed. 

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