Fish scale skin care

Fish scale skin care

If you want to know how to treat ichthyosis, you can read the above post I sent, don’t believe those who say this disease can’t be cured, this disease can’t be eradicated, but I’m satisfied to have the same skin as normal people, our purpose is to have normal skin! Is it not? Why should we care whether it can be eradicated or not?

The following is the result of my years of care experience.

1, containing vitamin c fruit to eat more accurate. Like oranges, pineapples and so on moisture and vitamins, the growth and repair of new skin is more beneficial.

2, containing vitamin E things to eat, it is known that this is an antioxidant, can reduce the free radicals on the surface of the skin, to put it bluntly can be anti-aging, nourishing the skin.
3, food containing carotene can avoid a part of our skin from the damage of ultraviolet rays, is also better for fish scale skin.

4, speaking of vitamin E, I myself have tried is homemade almond paste, as a body film on the place with lines, winter time will also add a few drops of glycerin in the side, really very useful, a few months down the skin really slippery a lot.

5, in addition to this must also be used is the body cream, which is a must for fish scale skin, must not be less, to moisturize the greasy side of the thicker kind, but do not be too easy to push away, otherwise it is really hard to use, will stand to other places, I myself in the use of the Gel Fu set skin cream, smell good, more moisturizing and not so greasy.

6, sweating is also more important, the conditions can try sweat, and then rub a bath, is really physical and mental relief, wash will find that the skin is not so brown, but also more sports sweating is also possible, the purpose is to make the skin sweat, moisturize the skin surface, but not too much, and some people’s skin is not easy to sweat, so also do not recommend a strong amount of exercise, this should be decided according to their own situation.

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