• October 4, 2022

The importance of mental health

The importance of mental health

Modern people are paying more and more attention to their physical health, but mental health is a problem that many friends neglect. “The Chinese medicine believes that the highest level of health care is to be in harmony with the energy. A healthy body and mental health is not up to standard can cause many problems.
Studies have shown that there is an intrinsic correlation between human mental activity and human physiological functions. If in a good emotional state, can make the physiological function in the best state, on the contrary, it will reduce or destroy this function, not only affect work and life, but also can lead to a variety of diseases. In cities where the pace of life is high and stressful such as Beijing and Shanghai, the proportion of hypertension is much greater than in other cities.

one. Stabilization of society and family harmony
In recent years, there are more and more reports, let us find that the crime rate of young people is increasing year by year. Some students become bored with school and run away from home, steal and rob. Some even kill their own parents. From the Maccabean incident to the recent killing of parents, these horrific incidents occur from time to time. These are directly related to their unhealthy psychology. All of them are due to a series of psychological problems caused by some deficiencies and deviations in the process of their personality development from childhood to adulthood. If each of us is psychologically healthy and has a sound personality, I think it is one of the important foundations for maintaining its harmony and stability, whether for the family or for the society.

Second, can improve learning efficiency
Sensation, perception, memory, imagination, and thinking are a lot of mental activities, and each activity includes more detailed branches, for example, sensation includes attention, etc. These are the results of scientific research, and there are rules to follow, and the learning process of mastering knowledge, forming skills and moral qualities is the practical activities of students under the regulation and control of these mental activities. Awareness of these laws not only avoids everyday misconceptions, but also allows to use them to develop learning effectiveness to a greater extent. In addition, each age has its physical and mental characteristics, for example, adolescent high school students generally have a greater frequency and magnitude of emotions generated, if they do not recognize this, some of them will be extreme wondering whether they are suddenly abnormal , and some may turn into words and actions, causing conflicts, resulting in interpersonal difficulties, and ultimately affecting learning effectiveness due to a large degree of learning mind.

Third, it can promote the overall development of people
Mental health can promote people’s all-round development. A healthy mind is a basic requirement for people’s all-round development, and it is also an important condition for people to play their intellectual level at work, actively engage in social activities and continuously develop to a higher level. A person’s psychological health directly affects and restricts the realization of all-round development.
A healthy psyche is one of the conditions that a person must have to develop comprehensively. It is also the basis for family and social harmony and stability.

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