Fitness for a year feel little progress how to do?

Fitness for a year feel little progress how to do?

Problem 1: Too little carbohydrate intake
Carbohydrates are essential to ensure athletic performance. Muscle glycogen are not sufficient, your training capacity, intensity will be directly affected. Too much carbohydrate reduction, you eat more protein is not very meaningful for muscle gain, because a lot of protein does not mean that you are guaranteed to get a lot of muscle growth. The need for muscle growth is generated by sufficient training stimulus, this time to give reasonable and adequate nutrition and adequate rest, muscle growth.

The three conditions for muscle growth are: adequate training stimulation, adequate and reasonable nutrients, and sufficient rest. After eating and digesting carbohydrates, the pancreas begins to secrete insulin, a synthetic hormone that brings blood sugar into the muscle cells and also brings amino acids from protein breakdown into the muscle cells. The reduction in carbohydrate intake will reduce the body’s insulin secretion, which will also affect muscle growth from the other side.

For example, many people in the fat loss period to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, sports performance than muscle building period will feel a significant decline, this is because muscle glycogen can not guarantee in the adequate state, which also illustrates the side of the fat loss period is difficult to do fat loss at the same time to ensure muscle gain.

Problem 2: Training time is too long
The training time is guaranteed to be within 1 hour, the more you practice does not mean the greater the stimulation of the muscles. You only see the stimulation of the muscles, but you do not pay attention to the changes in the body’s hormone levels.

Please see the following chart. When you start doing strength training to 15 minutes, the body in response to strength training, testosterone production will rise to the highest point. But then there will be a gradual decline. As the workout goes beyond 1 hour, testosterone will drop below its initial value. Testosterone is showing a rise and then a fall. You say your training time is 1-2 hours, let alone that, testosterone will drop even lower. The scary thing is that this is what you do not feel, yet you will also feel that you are a great stimulus to the muscle, long-term such training time will cause cortisol to rise (not science, a degree search is very detailed), the catabolic chance increased greatly.

This is another way to see that your training efficiency is not high. An hour of training can be done, you sometimes take two hours to complete.

Problem 3: Not training legs (non-major)
Although it may seem like not practicing legs is unrelated to muscle building, the body is all about coordinated development from a body coordination perspective. The body will not let you an unusually strong upper body at the same time grow a bamboo pole like legs. Just like when you can bench press 100kg to do the group, your arm circumference is not only 30, right?

When you can squat 180kg, your upper body can be worse to where? This in turn reflects the importance of strength levels when building muscle.

You did not send your training plan or training video, it is impossible to see whether your training intensity is large, whether the volume is sufficient, whether the movement is standard, it is advisable to add a little. Because training is the most basic start to gaining muscle, without the stimulation of training, nutrition and rest can not begin to talk.

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