• January 24, 2022

How can I maintain the same weight after successful weight loss?

How can I maintain the same weight after successful weight loss?

The core of weight loss is diet, weight loss success in the diet can pay more attention. Light, less oil and more fruit are already deeply ingrained in the diet. Many people lose weight by taking these approaches and then eating less meat and fewer staples, avoiding fats and carbohydrates, all of which work in the short term, but are difficult to stick to in the long term. People who lose weight too fast may cause hair loss, bad mood, poor sleep, mouth ulcers and other problems, and finally lose weight successfully after experiencing these problems. I think losing weight is not our goal, successful weight loss and no rebound is our goal, right? Before you exercise a lot, so you can still maintain such a large amount of exercise after you lose weight? Before you eat lightly, then you can still maintain a light diet after you lose weight?

Then how should we keep the weight the same?
Control the total calorie intake, meat, rice, etc. can be eaten, the food can be eaten, as long as the total calorie does not exceed the standard can be.

On the question of whether or not to rebound, I personally think you can’t generalize it, nor can you conclude that a small amount of exercise will rebound just because of a day or two. If the amount of exercise becomes smaller every day, you can do sit-ups and arm stretches when you return to your residence (adding up to about 15 minutes), and take a walk when you have time after dinner!

Many people treat exercise as a burden, thinking that they have to make special time and be prepared to exercise. And once busy, it is easy to lose three, it is easy to break a few days, and over time three days fishing and two days, slowly the body rebounded. In fact, exercise can be a lifestyle habit, as simple as eating, sleeping. The key is to form a curing, after developing the habit of exercise, the amount of exercise should be able to gradually reduce. Unless it is a special physique, drinking water will be fat kind.

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