How important is a healthy diet?

How important is a healthy diet?

Daily eating habits and dietary patterns play an important role in our health.
Having a good diet not only reduces the incidence of disease, but also strengthens our body.
How important is diet to health?
In 2017, researchers from the University of Washington said that in 2015 alone, the lack of a healthy diet or the intake of large amounts of unhealthy food may have led to more than 400,000 heart and vascular disease events; in addition, researchers have found that a diet high in sugar may shorten the life span of the body, and a diet high in salt or sugar A diet high in salt or sugar increases the risk of high blood pressure, and a high-fat diet can affect the development of colon cancer in individuals.

As we all know, basically more than 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year, and the number of people who die from cancer is more than 7 million each year. The World Health Organization has issued a statement that 60% of cancer incidence factors depend on an individual’s lifestyle, and among these 60% factors, dietary factors take the first place! So wow, diet, which is usually ignored by us, is so important! In our daily life, if we don’t take care of eating healthy, our metabolic rate will be lowered by the interference of toxins and chemicals contained in food, the liver will struggle to filter them out and will tend to reduce its function due to overload; at the same time, the immune system will be negatively affected and become prone to infections and illnesses, and the body will not only lose the energy to fight off diseases, but will also take longer to recover after getting sick.

A proper diet is the most basic source of function that sustains our body’s life and is the foundation of our health. If we want to improve immunity, then we can enhance our resistance through goji berries, milk, etc.; if our body needs trace elements, fiber and vitamins, vegetables and fruits should not be missing; there is also the familiar tea has the role of anti-coagulation and fibrinolysis, and has a significant therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, etc. Therefore, the usual diet should pay attention to eat more coarse grains
Coarse grains contain the complete information of plants, compared to refined foods have many seasoning, coloring, forming and other additives, coarse grains are easier to body health, while supplementing dietary fiber, help the overall nutrition.

Eating eight full meals, it is best to eat seven or eight full, overdrinking and over-eating will be a burden on the stomach and intestines, and is very detrimental to dieters. The actual food is not only a good idea, but it is also a good idea to eat less or no cold food such as ice cream, drinks just out of the refrigerator, half-cooked meat, cold water, and cold fruits.
Although the summer weather is hot, but can not be reckless, more likely to hurt the spleen and stomach, resulting in diarrhea and abdominal pain and other diseases Oh. Now, many people are trying to lose weight in a way to transform a healthy lifestyle. But using unhealthy methods or through an unhealthy diet to lose weight is often more than worth it. It can even lead to harmful eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia!

If you eat healthy and reasonable, and exercise properly, you can completely avoid the effects of unhealthy eating habits. There are many ways to help us develop healthy eating habits, if you can’t help but eat more through meal replacements to supplement nutrition while not taking in too many calories, if you can’t always quit carbohydrates from the anti-sugar start away from high sugar and high starch. This not only helps to maintain a good figure, but also makes a person’s mind healthier.

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