• August 18, 2022

How to lose weight properly

How to lose weight properly

Under normal circumstances there is no local fat reduction, unless one goes for liposuction. Fat loss is a whole body reduction, so the chest will also be small together, this is certain.

Aerobic do more than 30 minutes to lose fat.
It is not necessary to ensure that the efficiency of the movement is good, the same time anaerobic than aerobic consumption of more calories, just remember that fat loss to ensure that your consumption is greater than your intake, to ensure that there is a calorie gap. hiit high intensity interval exercise is a very good fat loss tool, generally 20-30 minutes effect than running an hour to good.

Sweating will be able to lose fat.
Not necessarily, do eat hot pot soaking hot springs will also sweat, which will be able to lose fat? Sweating is the loss of water in the body rather than fat. Some big fat people love to sweat, but they don’t see thin ah. Ask you guys a question? You can also ask your fitness instructor how fat leaves our body? Don’t know? I’ve asked you, right? The fat leaves our body by breathing, turning into carbon dioxide and leaving our body. Isn’t that amazing! So the amount of sweating has nothing to do with fat loss.

Girls can’t practice strength, they will become muscle women.
Don’t dream about it, you can’t change. The number of people who train every day with large weights and overloads can not train large muscles, you expect you so low intensity training to become a muscle woman, afraid of female superheroes can not do. The testosterone content of girls is much less compared to that of boys, and it is not easy to grow muscles, and the amount of training and diet you have is a hundred thousand miles away from the muscle woman, which will not become a muscle woman. The benefits of girls doing strength training are many, you can make the lines look good, increase the curve beauty, but also make the skin tighter, look young, and muscle rate increases after the basal metabolism is high, not easy to get fat.
Dieting to lose weight. One of the most silly weight loss methods, but also the fastest rebound. Our body has a memory function, when you over diet, the body will think it is to save money, will automatically lower your calorie consumption, you diet not only fat and muscle and water, once you resume eating, the body will quickly adjust to accelerate absorption, so the rebound back. And dieting to lose weight is very ruinous to the body, will make you depressed, emotional irritability, endocrine disorders, skin deterioration, hair loss, acne, amenorrhea, depression ……
The sacrifice of physical health to lose weight is worth it?

Do not eat staples not meat to lose weight.
Not advisable, each food has its nutritional value, staple food is rich in vitamin b, long-term non-eat staple food will lead to vitamin b deficiency, skin lusterless, hair loss, hypoglycemia. Long-term not eating meat will be lack of fat-soluble vitamins, commonly including vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, etc., triggering stones. There will also be a lack of protein, will have low resistance and anemia.

The right way to lose fat is simple: keep your mouth shut and your legs open. Aerobic anaerobic can actually reduce fat, the combination of the two better.


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