How to rationalize the fitness program according to the health level of the gym goer

How to rationalize the fitness program according to the health level of the gym goer

Rationalizing a fitness program can be difficult. The reality is that there are all kinds of obstacles. For example, the trainer gives you a reasonable arrangement, you come up is I want to become Pang Yu Yan in three months. This will not be able to talk, but this is also very common fitness novice ideas.

Theoretically, the arrangement can be arranged in this way: first of all, physical fitness testing and motor function screening. Note that the question says fitness level. In fact, fitness instructors and physical education teachers cannot assess health levels, health first means no clinically defined organic disease, which requires a professional doctor, which is a diagnosis process, with diagnostic expertise and a certain amount of clinical experience, but also medical testing to do.

Fitness practitioners can only assess motor function. To put it plainly, how is your strength? Do you have more or less muscle mass? How is your cardiorespiratory fitness (in this case, your ability to perform in sustained aerobic exercise, not your fitness level)? How about flexibility? What movements can you do and what movements can you not do? How much training intensity can you handle? After this assessment, only then is to arrange the training program.

Generally speaking, the training program is divided into two main stages: one, sports fitness recovery. This phase can be divided into, the first layer, core strength activation and joint flexibility training: for long-term inactivity, sedentary history of adults. The second layer, single-joint muscle control training and cardiorespiratory base recovery, for long-term inactivity, excessive thinness, especially inactive women.

Phase 2: exercise goals initially, this phase can be divided into three goals, 1, basic physical reserves, 2, movement and project learning, 3, exercise habits.

Overall, the first stage is not to see what the surface results. And physical fitness is not bad, there is nothing wrong with the first stage can be picked and skipped. The second phase of the proceeding, slowly you can see some results. But many of the introductory give up, generally in the first stage of not feeling the feedback to give up.

Fitness plan how to arrange it: 1.
1, what you like to practice, first set a style, such as like lifting iron, like running, like cross-country, like the bar, double bar and other self-weight equipment.
2, 2, what you lack now, this if you can not skip the first stage I said above, that is what is missing.
3, 3, how about your free time, what time you can schedule, how many hours of training sessions?
4, 4, after the schedule, put your favorite style, the project in the primary position, the supplemental training in the secondary position, for example, like to lift iron, every week, one, three, five iron lifting, two, four to do more relaxed cardio.
5, 5, what equipment, conditions, environment you have available for training, how to use them to complete training? Make a list of the training programs you can do in your condition. For example, you have a barbell that can add pieces, which is advantageous, because most of the training on the iron lifting it can complete.
6, 6, in your schedule to fill in the training you can complete, the difficult, intense, need to learn to adapt to put in front, and vice versa put in the back.
7, 7, training to detect their own shortcomings. Revise the training plan

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