The world’s most recognized healthiest diet

The world’s most recognized healthiest diet

U.S. News” the latest article pointed out that the most powerful weapon to prevent disease is not a shot to take medicine, but we have to face every day three meals. To do this, they asked 22 of the nation’s top medical nutrition experts to select the three healthiest diets from around the world: 1.
1. DASH diet: the most definitive antihypertensive diet offered by the global medical community

Dietary principles.
Eat more whole grains and vegetables. These foods are rich in fiber, calcium, protein and potassium, which help control or lower high blood pressure.
Moderate consumption of lean poultry and fish will benefit the heart. If you have a sweet tooth, eat more fruit and refuse dessert. Limit salt intake.
Recommended recipe.
For breakfast, one serving of oatmeal, a banana and 1 cup of low-fat milk.
For lunch, one whole wheat bread, chicken, salad (cucumber, tomato). Snack, almonds (unsalted), raisins and ½ cup fat-free and sugar-free fruit yogurt.
Dinner, 85 grams of beef, beef broth, green beans, potatoes, onions, an apple, 1 cup of low-fat milk.
2. Mediterranean diet: good for brain health Control diabetes.

Dietary principles.
Minimize red meat and sugar, eat more fruits and vegetables, olive oil and fish, nuts, whole grains, etc., and drink some red wine for dinner.
Recommended recipes.
For breakfast, a glass of yogurt, strawberries and honey.
Lunch, green vegetables and a tomato, a main dish (rice, noodles), plain water. Snack, almonds and peanuts.
Dinner, fish, whole wheat bread, a small glass of red wine
3. TLC diet: good for improving cardiovascular health
All low-fat foods, very effective in reducing high cholesterol.

Dietary principles.
Be sure to eat chicken and fish with the skin on, and red meat containing too much saturated fat is best avoided.
Eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid whole milk products, fatty pork and fried foods.
Recommended recipes.
For breakfast, oatmeal, coffee or low-fat milk.
Lunch, chicken, rice, apples. Snack, sunflower seeds, unsweetened yogurt.
Dinner, rice, broccoli.
A diet suitable for heart patients
Designed by Dean Onyishi, a famous American nutritionist.
Its dietary principles are: eat some salmon properly to supplement healthy lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
You can eat a small amount of whole grains, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and prohibit a large amount of unhealthy foods such as fried chicken and cookies.
Recommended recipes.
For breakfast, two eggs and scrambled vegetables, half a cup of skim milk, 1 slice of whole grain bread.
Lunch, tomato soup, baked fish. Snack, 18 grams of black choc, 10 almonds.
Dinner, 85 grams of salmon, lettuce, bread, wine.
Diet for diabetics
The Mayo Clinic in the United States has introduced a diet that focuses on weight loss and diabetes control.
The principles of the diet are: eat more protein, chicken, tuna and other foods rich in leucine.
Some studies have shown that these foods have a great effect on the prevention and control of pre-diabetic syndrome.
Recommended recipe.
For breakfast, one hard-boiled egg, 1 slice of whole grain bread, tea.
Chinese food, mashed potatoes, strawberries, vegetable salad. Snack, 1 cup low-fat yogurt, moderate amount of nuts.
Dinner, 85 grams of fish, pasta cooked in olive oil, vegetables (onion, celery).

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