What are the differences between people who work out regularly and those who don’t, in addition to body shape?

What are the differences between people who work out regularly and those who don’t, in addition to body shape?

I don’t agree that “fitness is just a hobby”, but in my opinion, fitness is a very good thing for your body, mainly because.

1. fitness can make your nerve – muscle control and muscle strength stronger. The most asked questions about fitness, the first one, the pectoral muscles do not feel how to do? The second, what about no feeling in the back muscles? Why does this happen? People can easily find the feeling of the leg muscles, but can not find the feeling of the back chest muscles, ultimately because the leg muscles are often used, while the back chest muscles are not often used in life, so the nerve and muscle connection is very weak, of course, can not find the so-called “feeling”. In our lives, modern people are often sedentary, resulting in back pain is very common, in addition to sitting posture is not standardized, but also with weak neuromuscular control and muscle strength, weak neuromuscular connection, naturally will not maintain the correct posture. This is very understandable, you can not feel the presence of back muscles, naturally they will not use them to power, but also can not maintain the correct sitting posture. The right way to work out can strengthen the relevant neuromuscular connections and muscle strength, and improve posture.

2. fitness usually makes people more energetic. Corresponding to the one mentioned above, muscle strength is increased, then people will naturally have more energy to do other things. Imagine, you sit in the office all day, work all day, busy work makes you very tired, in this state, if your muscles can not bear the intensity of work, then you have a high probability, after work just want to rest on the couch, eat some good food. But fitness is different, if your muscle strength is stronger, others are tired after a day of work, and fitness you, stronger muscle strength can make you recover faster from a day of work in the fatigue, naturally you will have more energy to do what you like.

3. Fitness, especially strength training, can enhance one’s bone density, thus avoiding injuries. Of the 738 cases of accidental deaths of elderly patients investigated in Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, 48.2% were caused by falls, and the data of 13,339 fractures in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital showed that life injuries (of which falls are common) accounted for 51.9%. Although there are many objective factors for falls in the elderly, the subjective factors, such as weak neuromuscular connection, weak muscle strength and declining bone density, are the most important factors. And fitness can improve the above three aspects completely.

4. Fitness to improve the body’s immune system. Stress and aging can weaken the immune system, as shown by the decrease in the number and activity of immune cells, especially the function of T cells. Some studies have confirmed that moderate intensity aerobic exercise can restore the immune system’s antibody and T-cell lymphocyte function.

5. Fitness can help you improve your mental fitness and develop the quality of your will. Fitness requires long-term perseverance, sometimes need to overcome difficulties, to rise to the occasion, which can effectively sharpen the human will. In particular, strength training, high-level strength trainers in a training session will lift a large load, sometimes more than 1 to 2 times their body weight, and the need to persevere year-round persistence. These can develop bravery, tenacity, not afraid of hardship, the courage to overcome difficulties, when you have these mental qualities later, believe me, no matter in any field, will help you develop.

6. master basic exercise skills and improve the basic mobility of the body. Long-term regular fitness can not only make the body’s muscle strength, but also help you master the right labor skills. For example, from the ground to hold a heavy object, the correct way is to squat down, hold the upper body tightly and fixed, using the strength of the legs will be heavy “squat” up. The wrong way to bend over to hold a heavy object, the wrong way will increase the risk of injury, and through fitness, not only can exercise your muscles, but also allows you to learn and master this ability.

7. Because of fitness, you will learn about nutrition, so as to establish the right perception, and then develop the habit of scientific thinking and good habits of life. When I’m not working out, I will listen to some hearsay rumors, such as protein powder has side effects, affect kidney function, etc. The reason is ultimately because I know less, so when someone throws me a point of view, I can’t even distinguish between true and false. When you really work out, because of fitness and to contact, to understand the knowledge after the protein powder ingredients, found that the essence of the protein powder is just food, the ingredients in the list of substances are legal additives only. For example, trans-fatty acids are harmful to the human body, even in small doses, so I usually consciously avoid food containing such substances when I pick food in the supermarket, rather than just seeking to eat, as before fitness, these nutritional knowledge invariably Make your habits better, thus making your body healthier.

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