What are the things that Health Fitness has known for a long time?

What are the things that Health Fitness has known for a long time?

Nowadays, there are gradually more and more fitness-loving friends, do you have anything that you only know after getting in touch with fitness?
In addition, although the percentage of fat consumption gradually increased during the 40-minute run, there was no great change in the overall percentage, so it is not much of a guide. After all, the subjects were exercise students, and it is rare for people to run for more than 40 minutes in one go. Even after 40 minutes of running, the percentage of fat burned increased by less than 10%.

PS: Because the subjects were female, they had more free fatty acids in their blood, so the percentage of fat burned was even higher in the first 5 minutes. In fact, it is very unreliable and meaningless to evaluate whether an exercise has weight loss effect by the ratio of exercise time and fat consumption! You should know that the fat in our body is consumed all the time, even if you lie down to sleep, sit down to play games, lying down to watch American TV, a large part of the calories consumed also comes from fat energy. But can you say that the weight loss effect of watching American drama is better than the effect of running 20 100-meter sprints that are all glycogen-fueled? Obviously not so.
If running and cycling are not the best weight loss exercises for sedentary people, then what is the best introductory body building exercise for beginners?

In order to understand what is the most suitable for sedentary urban people to reduce fat and body movement, a study in China selected office workers aged 28 to 45 years old, sedentary and less active, with a fat body shape and more than 6 hours of sedentary time per day, (is this description particularly familiar, have you been shot?) The body fat percentage was at least 25% higher in men and 30% higher in women. The researchers divided the subjects into two groups, strength training and aerobic training, exercise intensity is basically the same, twice a week, but not limited to a few weeks. After 12 weeks, they were compared separately for changes in body fat, lean body mass and basal metabolic rate.

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