Why long-term fitness, the body is strong, but the person is weak?

Why long-term fitness, the body is strong, but the person is weak?

It’s not that people are deficient, it’s that you don’t control fatigue. Your problem happens to me all the time. I don’t know what your living environment, diet, training quality, state… In general, many people, especially fitness novices, arrange their training plans, most copy the training methods of bodybuilders and bodybuilders, using three-fraction, five-fraction, or even no rest! Each time must be done to exhaustion. To be honest, this training model, unless your family has a mine do not have to go to work, otherwise ordinary working people long-term so practice must be a problem. The athletes’ daily schedule is either training, sleeping, eating or on the way to the big health care. Their stress sources are very concentrated, basically from training, so only need to deal with fatigue caused by training is OK ~ you? If you have to work, earn money, raise children. Or study, exams overnight preparation, your stress source is scattered, you have to deal with the pressure from all sides, it is easy to stress overload.

Pressure overload leads to nerve fatigue, you will be depressed, irritable, appetite, libido decline, drowsiness, low desire to train, generally into this state is certainly to arrange rest, must release the pressure, nerve fatigue recovery over and then go to training to prevent the problem of overtraining. But many people here are not aware of it, and do not know why such a state is produced, interpreting it as a physiological inertia, continue to practice.

The result is that you are now like this, immunity becomes low, the more you practice, the more decadent, serious may lead to the occurrence of cumulative inflammatory cycle, the body structure changes, joint movement is limited, a series of physical, injury and disease problems. So, go plan in addition to the necessary diet recovery to do well, the development of training plans must be based on personal life circumstances and state to adjust the weekly transfer, what state to do what plan, stress, tired is to arrange deload week weight loss week! Paddle, reduce nerve pressure, give the body enough space for self-healing recovery, after the release of stressors, the state back and then enhance the capacity, this is a scientific and correct way to plan, training.

Instead of copying a plan, dislike it hard and be done with it. We are not athletes, just enthusiasts, fitness is to improve the quality of life, physical fitness, not linked to the interests, fitness is not your only, do not have to work hard for this, to make a mess of life. If every day because of fitness leads to their own mood, depression, illness, increasing stress, it is better not to health it. One or two years to jerk out a body is not called the king, can jerk ten years, twenty years without injury, maintain a good body, that is called the king. You say I’m right? Agree with you on a like it.

Do you know why NBA Pau Gasol this year at the age of 41 can still play the A League? Heavy training will not energize you because it is discharging, especially since some coaches will shout to hold on, do a few more and so on. The result is that instead the body is empty, leading to decreased resistance, lack of energy, physical discomfort and resistance to training. More serious will also have a cold, injury, etc.. You should know that the human body is a system, science, and complex issues, not mechanical parts, can not be separated to see.

If you agree, then give a few suggestions.
One, do a good job before doing fitness full preparation activities, many videos on the Internet to find what you think is appropriate, at least ten minutes or more. Let the body reach the whole body feel hot, and even sweat slightly.

Two, find a professional place to measure your exercise heart rate, wear a heart rate monitor (bracelet, watch have this function) so that you exercise to keep in the best exercise heart rate.

Third, when sleep deprivation (such as overtime, business trips) sickness, especially the flu, immediately stop exercise, go home to sleep is the most important.

Fourth, do not care about face, if you just started running ration 4 km per hour to the exercise heart rate range (normal walking ration five kilometers per hour), as long as you adhere to a few days will slowly improve.

Five, you need to understand the most important fitness purpose is to enhance energy and sustainable.

Six, you need to know that fitness is not only in the gym, there are meals and sleep, is also part of fitness. Paul only trains every day after breakfast in the morning, including personal fitness and full team training, and then has to go back to the office in the afternoon and spend time with his family in the evening. So it’s not about adding volume to get results, it’s the science of exercise that will make you better and more

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