How can I simplify my healthy diet to the extreme while ensuring nutrition?

How can I simplify my healthy diet to the extreme while ensuring nutrition?

Eating simply cooked food is also something I personally advocate (except when I eat BBQ). Modern people are very busy and modern people eat very unhealthy, so it is very helpful to learn quick and easy ways to cook for your daily meals.

Here are some suggestions and my own life experience to help you simple and time saving cooking while taking into account nutrition.

I. Choice of ingredients
General principles: choose a variety of ingredients, fresh ingredients, and store ingredients wisely.
A variety of different kinds of food is the basis for ensuring a balanced diet. Generally, our nutritionist will recommend eating more than 12 different kinds of food a day and more than 25 different kinds of food a week.
Looking at your description, if you only eat eggs for breakfast and potatoes for the main meal, this is a very single way of eating, you need to eat more kinds of food to make it work.

Basic principles of nutritional matching.
Without getting too complicated, one of the simplest principles: make sure you have three things at every meal: good quality carbohydrates, good quality proteins, and fresh vegetables.
Quality carbohydrates (staple foods): good staple foods, providing energy while not too high rate of blood sugar, but also a variety of nutrients, such as dietary fiber, vitamin B, minerals, etc.. Potatoes, whole grains, mixed legumes is a good staple food, which is what we usually call coarse grains. Some starchy vegetables can also replace staple foods, such as lotus root. White rice, white flour and other fine grains are too high glycemic index, single nutrition, but good taste, simple digestion, it is recommended to eat with coarse and fine.
High-quality protein: Generally speaking, most of the protein in animal food is high-quality protein with a complete range of essential amino acids, suitable for human needs. Milk, eggs, fish, and soybeans, are all high-quality proteins.
Fresh vegetables: It is best to eat about 500 grams of fresh vegetables a day, preferably dark green leafy vegetables and colorful types of vegetables.
For example, the combination of potatoes + eggs + broccoli is carbohydrate + protein + vegetables

Second, cooking methods.
The cooking method is simpler and the cooking time is shorter.
My favorite cooking methods are boiling, steaming, microwave, simple stir-fry and simmering. Microwave oven is my most frequently used kitchen appliance

I’d like to introduce my microwave cooking method – the basic operation is to throw something into the microwave, get it cooked and then take it out and season it to eat

Take potatoes + eggs + broccoli for example
Potatoes can be boiled with skin or cooked directly in the microwave, if you use the microwave, cutting will be faster. 5 minutes
Eggs can be boiled or fried or made into an egg custard in the microwave. 5 minutes
Broccoli cut into pieces and boiled or cooked in the microwave. 3 minutes
The whole process takes less than 15 minutes and includes the time you spend waiting around for the microwave to play with your phone.
Seasoning can be dipped in soy sauce or chili black pepper salt as you like.


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