How to develop an acne-free skin type?

How to develop an acne-free skin type?

The other day I went to a high school party and everyone was surprised to see me “How did you become like this?” It’s not how thin and good-looking I’ve become, it’s how I’ve changed my skin texture! That’s right! Skin texture can be changed!
Today I’ll share with you how I developed acne-free skin?

One. Diet
1 eat more low GI food, less high GI food
Why does sugar stimulate the production of acne? The intake of too much sugar will reduce insulin sensitivity and lead to higher levels of free androgens in the blood, which are an important reason for the formation of acne! Acne-friendly foods, eat with confidence! For example, spinach, eggplant, bitter melon and other vegetables and fruits such as orange, cantaloupe, strawberry, GI value > 70: high GI food, if you want a good skin, or stay away from these foods. Like fried rice, French bread, bacon, potatoes, crispy sausage, chocolate, doughnuts, etc. are all high GI foods, these foods should not be touched!

2 eat less spicy food and dairy products
In addition to spicy food like dairy products, milk and other foods, eating more than one will also aggravate the generation of acne. There are even studies that show that milk will increase acne. Of course, children should drink more milk to supplement their nutrition.

3 Eat more foods rich in vitamin A
Vitamin A rich food in addition to cucumber, spinach, carrots, and other foods such as strawberries, blueberries, etc..

4 eat more fatty acid-rich food
Such as chicken, fish and macadamia nuts and other foods

Second, work and rest and psychological
1 early to bed
Do not stay up late! Do not stay up late! Do not stay up late! The important thing to say three times! This is because staying up late will increase the secretion of adrenaline, which leads to sebaceous glands keep secreting oil, and finally acne will grow out. If you are an oily skin should ensure sufficient sleep. At least 8 hours of adequate sleep every day, whether it is for acne, or dark circles, dull skin tone and other skin problems, are essential.

2 Release stress and stay optimistic
Negative emotions and psychology can affect our nervous excitement. Keeping an optimistic and happy state of mind will also improve our skin to some extent.

Third, skin care
1 acne to remove acne marks
First of all, we should solve the already existing acne, acne marks, acne, etc. or potential skin problems on our face, but never use your hands to squeeze the acne, which leaves more damage more that to compensate, we should always have some antibiotic creams at home, such as clindamycin gel, fusidic acid cream, peroxybenzoyl gel, etc., or have some medical masks to prevent the sudden appearance of a large acne on the face.

2 Repair the barrier
If your skin barrier has been damaged, I recommend stopping the application of all makeup and trying not to wear makeup. Use a gentle amino acid cleanser, stay away from soap-based cleansers, and don’t cleanse for more than 30 seconds. The skincare process should also be streamlined.

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