General knowledge about summer skin care

General knowledge about summer skin care

Method 1: Summer Skin Care
First, the summer temperature is high, sweating, the first thing to pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin. The morning and evening cleaning of the skin must be careful. Use soap to make foam, or use facial cleanser, along the way of upward outward circles, with both hands of 3, 4 fingers from the forehead, eye week to both cheeks chin, nose are cleaned again, keep the pores breathing.

Second, in addition to drinking more water, eat more fruits and vegetables containing high moisture, after washing your face, give your skin a layer of moisturizing toner, choose a lotion-type day cream, night cream, put on the skin breathable, but also moisturizing function.

Third, the summer heat, excessive light will make the skin darker and accelerate aging, some brands of day cream, foundation added with sunscreen function ingredients, you can choose these products to paint a fresh light makeup for themselves can be said to kill two birds with one stone, carry the wet and dry powder, you can always wipe, absorb the sweat seeping out of the face, keep the makeup dry. Sunglasses, sun hats, umbrellas and various sunscreen, sunscreen oil should be the necessary summer sun protection supplies.
Fourth, cycling ladies, with sleeves to protect the bare arms, is a wise choice if there are conditions, about half a month to the beauty salon to do a skin management both to dead skin, but also by doing mask, soft film, etc., thoroughly clean nourished skin.

Method two: tomatoes new function more can eat sun protection
German and Dutch scientists’ research results show that eating more tomatoes can play a role in sun protection. Scientists in Germany and the Netherlands found in the study that if each person consumes 40 grams of tomato paste per day, the risk of sunburn will be reduced by 40%; if you add 10 grams of olive oil, then the effect of sun protection will be better. Scientists believe that it may be that sanguinarine plays a major role in sunburn protection.

Eating more vegetables and fruits will enable the hair to absorb the nutrients. So are there foods that can nourish the skin and prevent sunburn to help block the exposure to the hot sun on a blazing summer day, other than umbrellas, sunglasses and sunscreen? Yes, there are. It’s certain fruits and vegetables that people are most familiar with that magically convert into sunscreen substances and are more durable than sunscreen because they don’t wash off with water.

Tomatoes This is the best sunscreen food. Tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant lycopene, and a daily intake of 16 mg of lycopene can reduce the risk factor for sunburn by 40%. Cooked tomatoes are more effective than raw. Also eating some potatoes or carrots will be more effective, the beta carotene in them can effectively block UV.

Method 3: Five steps to summer skin care
Step 1: Hygiene Many girls do not pay enough attention to hygiene steps, often using alkaline or hygiene force is too strong, uncomfortable symptoms of summer epidermis characteristics of hygiene products, which not only can not benign, thorough clean epidermis, but also damage the sebaceous film. Therefore, in the summer, proper hygiene is an important prerequisite for skin care, and it is especially important than other seasons.

Step 2:conditioning conditioning water commonly known as toner or make-up water, etc., in the four seasons of skin care are very important, in the summer we should follow the epidermal psychological condition of the season to select a refreshing type of wake up water focused on balance, hydration, astringent, anti-bacterial effect.

Step 3: Whitening UV rays tend to make the skin yellow and dark, set into pigmentation, pigmentation aggravation, moisture loss easily. Because summer people prefer a comfortable and burden-free skin care experience, a light, pure plant-based cream with whitening, hydration, nutrition and less oil is the most suitable for summer epidermal care.

Step 4: Sun protection is the way to prevent and control skin tanning, sunburn, pigmentation, pigmentation aggravation and photo aging in summer. Sunscreen products are divided into chemical sunscreen and plant-based sunscreen products, the weakness of chemical sunscreen products will lead to epidermal aging, some people produce excessive sensitivity; with isolation of UV, anti-photoaging, comprehensive protection and fresh and breathable plant-based sunscreen products, of course, is the ideal choice.

Step 5: Antioxidant repair In addition to using basic skin care products with antioxidant effect, the regular use of antioxidant and repair effect of facial patches is also a good maintenance method. The patches are easy to use and highly effective, especially when applied immediately after sun exposure, giving your skin an instant improvement.

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