How to do some skin care for swimming?

How to do some skin care for swimming?

In principle, it is necessary to take good care of your skin before and after swimming. Before swimming outdoors, in addition to using some PA+ (UV protection) skin care products, try not to apply too many messy things, waterproof mascara and so on less use it. The beach should be more careful, the skin may be stimulated by salt, sand abrasion. Also more important is not to go swimming in the sun, sun dermatitis is not a cover. After the skin is sunburned and sunburnt, don’t rush to make up and scratch, it will aggravate the symptoms.

Indoor words, to be honest the water is not clean, even if no one in it to solve some personal problems (……) is inevitably some disinfectant water and other irritation of the skin. In addition to skin care products, the more important thing is not to soak too long (this is not a hot spring ah), swim out quickly, you can choose some alkaline body wash, or hot spring water rinse clean body. After all, the pool disinfection mostly uses copper sulfate, which will be acidic. If you feel dry skin, you can do moisturizing, or contain aloe vera ingredients are good.

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