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How to maintain and promote mental health

How to maintain and promote mental health

I. Maintenance and promotion of mental health

In daily life, social life, study and work, people will encounter various kinds of pressure and frustration, which will cause different degrees of harm to physical and mental health, resulting in a decline in health or even physical and mental disorders. Timely mental health maintenance and promotion not only helps to eliminate physical and mental disorders and restore health, but also expands psychological potential, improves psychological tolerance and promotes more mature psychological development of individuals.

(A) Basic principles of mental health maintenance and promotion

1. The principle of combining ideals and reality Correctly establish the outlook on life and values, love life, work actively, study seriously, pay attention to emotions, feel experiences, and focus on participation; do not one-sidedly pursue achievements, honors and benefits, and regard achievements as motivation, honors as process, and benefits as incentives. Learning to constantly self-motivate and enhance potential is the basis for maintaining mental health.

2. The principle of combining somatic and psychological Regular life, reasonable diet, active exercise, and regular rest. It is the basic measure to maintain mental health to work and study according to one’s ability, to do one’s best, to combine work and rest, to avoid mistakes, to avoid excessive physical and mental fatigue and tension, and to promote the simultaneous development of physical health and mental health.

3. The principle of combining science and specificity The scientific and reasonable arrangement of life and work, the specific problems and challenges in the face of reality should be targeted and specifically analyzed, combined with their own goals, potential, sources of integration, learn to build on their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, and learn and progress in continuous reflection is an important strategy to reduce psychological frustration.

The principle of combining the whole with differences There will always be certain gaps and conflicts between individuals and society, timely adaptation to the environment, keeping up with the times and resolving conflicts; being good at finding the gaps between oneself and society or others, taking timely measures to correct them, always keeping the rhythm of one’s life in sync with the times, integrating with social culture and enhancing social identity is the guarantee of improving psychological health.

4. Combination of guidance and subject principle To receive timely guidance from others when the individual’s psychological development deviates, to give timely guidance when others’ psychological development deviates, to establish good interpersonal relationships, to mirror with others, and to help each other learn is an important part of building a healthy psychology.

5. The principle of combining development and correction The meaning of life lies in growth and experience, the individual’s psychological development will continue to suffer setbacks, and will continue to learn and self-correct in the setbacks. But sometimes frustration is difficult to overcome and correct 1F, Yang hindered the maturity and development of the individual plant, the emergence of psychological problems or psychological disorders. Correction is an effective method when psychological frustration is difficult to overcome, is an important measure to prevent and control psychological disorders.

(II) Implementation measures for mental health maintenance and promotion

Establishing socialist outlook on life and values The outlook on life and values based on cognitive activities is the basis of all psychological activities and behavioral motives. A reasonable cognition not only intends to contribute to mental health and reduce behavioral deviations, but also directly affects the feelings and attitudes of oneself and others, and improves psychological tolerance.
Maintain a rhythm of life in sync with social development Living and professional roles in sync with social development helps dry family relationships, communication between members, and easier to gain social and other people’s recognition.
Cultivate good psychological quality and sound personality Good psychological quality and sound personality are easy to obtain better interpersonal communication, higher efficiency, more social resources, stronger psychological tolerance, and better guarantee the level of psychological health.
Regular life, effective response Regular healthy habits not only ensure good physical condition and energy, but also help mental function stability, clear thinking, enhanced coping ability, and increased work efficiency.
Active exercise, reasonable interests Active exercise helps to maintain a healthy body, and reasonable interests help to improve life experience, enhance passion, and increase the enjoyment of life.
Self-awareness and self-reflection are important signs of individual psychological development towards maturity. Learning self-awareness and self-reflection helps to grow from frustration and change stress into motivation; making good friends not only helps to relieve stress, but also helps to get more psychological assistance and social support.
Release stress and relax regularly Learning to release stress at the right time can help reduce psychological burden, maintain psychological health and improve stress resistance. Regular relaxation is recognized as one of the effective ways to release stress.

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