Skin care tips!!!

Skin care tips!!!

Let the skin quickly become white, you learned which trick?

1, the fresh cucumber cut a very thin slice, soaked in milk, ten minutes after taking out, put on the face, has a very good whitening effect.

2、After washing your face with facial cleanser, use a little sugar in your palm with some water and rub it, then put it on your face for a minute and rinse it off with water. Keep using it every day, after a week you can make the skin on your face become smooth and white.

3, the vinegar and salt dissolved in water, the ratio is about water: vinegar: salt = 9:3, with the mixture of the towel wet, rubbed on the face, morning and evening times, adhere to a few days, the skin will slowly become white, acne muscle will also be improved.

4, with a fine powder of pearl powder added to yogurt, mix well and apply to the face, gently massage for a few minutes and then clean. You can remove the dead skin and can easily whiten. Egg white with a little flour, and then add cucumber juice, mix into a paste, apply to the face every night, half an hour later wash off, can make the skin smooth and white

5, use barley powder, add a small spoon in 1000C water, drink as drinking water, not only good for the skin, but also the effect of weight loss. Because barley has a diuretic effect, it can reduce swelling, and also has a great effect on skin whitening.

6, a tomato mashed, strained juice rubbed on the face, 20 minutes after washing, two or three times a day, can make the skin gradually become white, the treatment of freckles also have a role.

7, sugar-free lotus root powder with egg whites into a mud, put on the face, 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off, whitening effect, can also remove acne marks.

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