How to take care of your skin

How to take care of your skin

Generally speaking, skin care is only two parts, the correct and suitable for their own skin care methods + good habits, which we often say “both inside and outside”, which offers my years of experience to give you tips ha.

Skin care style part

The right way of skin care is the targeted protection and enhancement of the skin, and can even be said to be the key to good skin, personally think that this part is more important three points, cleaning, moisturizing repair, sun protection.
1, clean
Normally, you can wash your face twice a day in the morning and evening, do not over-clean to destroy the skin barrier itself. In the morning, you can use warm water to rinse, if the oil volume is larger, you can use a little face wash. The way to clean at night also depends on the situation, if you have not gone out and only did the basic skin care moisturizing, directly wash off with a face wash, if you are coated with sunscreen or other makeup, it is necessary to carry out the makeup removal step before cleaning. The makeup remover and cleanser should be chosen to suit your needs.

2, moisturizing repair
The moisturizing part of my steps are more, following the “water to oil” principle. The actual order of the mask, skin care water, serum, lotion, this basis and then stacked cream is a bit heavy, so I have not used the cream for the time being, but if you are partial to streamlined skin care ladies can buy a better cream directly with the use of the mask, can also achieve a very good moisturizing effect.

3, sunscreen
As the saying goes, raising children does not necessarily prevent old age, but good sun protection will. So please remember, regardless of spring, autumn, winter and summer, sunny days and rain, as long as you go out, sunscreen is a must, but you can choose different sunscreen according to the different seasons, the strength of the UV rays of the weather. The general sunscreen is divided into physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen and physical combination of sunscreen three, personal preference for physical combination of sunscreen, can combine the advantages of the first two, the skin burden is relatively less.

Lifestyle habits part (diet + rest + exercise)

This part is actually a clichéd thing, but it really works if you keep going for years and years.
1, diet
The disease comes from the mouth, so my daily diet is very careful, there is a general recipe in mind. The actual carbohydrates, sugar, spicy and oily food should be eaten sparingly. White rice, white bread and other high-carb staples, I usually use brown rice mixed with white rice or low satiety foods instead. I basically do not touch spicy and greasy food, which is not only good for the skin, but also good for the stomach and intestines.

2, work and rest
Often stay up late can easily cause immune dysfunction, affect the skin metabolism, but also disrupt the body’s biological clock, leading to other health problems, so do not take it seriously!

3, exercise
Exercise not only can exercise, but also sweat and detoxification! Ensure that every day to let the body as much as possible to move, but also not bound to whether to adhere to the same kind of exercise, yesterday was running, today is badminton, tomorrow may be dancing yoga and other sports content, not so many constraints and rules, happy to achieve the purpose of exercise and sweating.

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