How to care for the skin of newborns

How to care for the skin of newborns

The skin is the first protective barrier of the human body, it protects our muscles from microorganisms and toxins. It prevents UV radiation and mechanical damage, but at the same time the skin itself is also very delicate. Compared with adult skin, the skin of a small baby has a much lower resistance, although it is basically similar in structure and function.

 The characteristics of baby skin

1, infant sebaceous gland secretion is more active, eat more dairy products, excessive oil secretion, to the germs to provide favorable conditions for reproduction.
2, the infant’s immune system is not fully developed, the ability to resist infection is poor, the skin is vulnerable to various germs infection.
Some adult skin care products and topical medications, especially hormone preparations and acidic or alkaline chemical substances, are easily absorbed by infant skin, resulting in adverse reactions and loss of natural skin barrier.

  Daily care

Faced with such a tender little life, facing his tender skin that is almost transparent, new mothers often do not know what to do, and some of the more timid mothers are even afraid that they will break the baby’s skin with a little effort, so they shrink even more.

1, according to environmental climate change, timely protective measures: no matter what season, every day should maintain a certain amount of ventilation time. Of course, cold weather wind, freezing, anti-drying measures are also essential, cold, windy when reducing outdoor activities; something to go out, should be half an hour in advance to the baby’s face and hands coated with skin care oil, and wear a scarf and gloves to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the skin.

2, choose the appropriate clothing: in general, the baby’s clothing should be cotton, loose, light-colored appropriate, avoid giving the baby wear tight clothing. The quilt should also use cotton or cotton towel quilt, avoid the use of chemical fiber material.

3, to protect the skin, so that the skin clean: for new parents, bathing a newborn is indeed a relatively headache. The baby’s whole body is soft and slippery, and every bath is like a battle, making parents sweat profusely. Indeed, there are skills to bathe a newborn baby.

For healthy newborns, as long as the conditions permit, you can take a bath once a day from the day after birth, which not only cleans the skin, but also accelerates blood circulation and promotes growth and development.
For newborns with light weight and low living capacity or because of low room temperature, no conditions for daily bathing, should be washed daily. The bathing basin for newborns is best dedicated, the basin should be brushed clean before washing, and the mother’s personal hygiene should be done first, and then large towels, clothes, wraps, diapers, etc. should be prepared. Room temperature is best at 24 ℃, the water temperature is about 37 ~ 38 ℃, or use the adult elbow bend to test the water, feel not cold or hot can be. Bathing the child, the action should be gentle and agile. Take the umbilicus as the boundary, and wash in two parts. First make the child lie on his back, the mother with the left hand to hold the child’s pillow, thumb and middle finger will be the child’s ears pressed forward, paste in front of the ear face, to prevent the wash water into the ear. The child’s hip waist clip in the adult armpit, back lying on the left forearm of the adult, fixed, the right hand with a small towel dipped in warm boiling water, first wash both eyes secretions (from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye scrubbing), and then wash behind the ears, neck, chest, back, double armpits, double upper limbs and hands in turn. The newborn’s palms are very tightly grasped, and should be gently broken open and washed. When scrubbing the abdomen, do not get the umbilical cord wet. After that, turn the child upside down, so that the top of the child’s head against the mother’s left chest, with the left hand to grab the child’s left thigh, the right hand with a small water-soaked towel first wash the perineal groin and buttocks (female babies must be washed from front to back), and finally wash the lower limbs and feet.
After washing, immediately wrap the child with a large towel, gently dry, pay special attention to the skin folds more dry, and then a thin layer of baby powder. Do not put balm or snow cream on your face to avoid irritating the skin. If the nasal cavity has dry scabs, can be used wet cotton swab gently twist out, and finally use a cotton ball dipped in peanut oil a little smeared on the hair.
Newborn baby’s various organ functions are growing, the instantaneous reflex of the baby’s eyes and tear gland secretion function is also gradually mature, to baby bath, to avoid using bathing liquid and shampoo for babies. In fact, it is best to bathe your newborn baby with water.

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