Introduction to Health Insurance for International Students in New York

Introduction to Health Insurance for International Students in New York

When you get sick, it is really a hassle to get medical treatment. Before enrolling, the school requires undergraduates to buy the school’s insurance, which is about $1500 a year. Graduate students are more relaxed and can use off-campus insurance waive, such as Tiger Tiger, united, nyis are eligible for the school’s waive. (The school will directly remove the insurance from the tuition, no need to operate separately. Due to the epidemic this year, the school has made relative improvements in this area, and the relevant information can be found on the school’s health website.

The school has a medical office on each campus in New York, and there are also hospitals in New York, large and small. The insurance also covers many free vaccines, such as the nine-valent vaccine that girls want to get. You can contact the school’s medical office and make an appointment, and then you can go directly with your student ID.
This year, I also made an appointment for NYU’s flu shot. The lady who gave me the shot was super nice, and she talked to me before the vaccination and told me that the vaccine is more effective in the fall (2019) (i.e. against the flu virus at that time) than in the spring, and asked me if I was sure about the vaccination. The medical office also gives everyone a note sheet before the shot, so you can read it before considering if you are sure you want to get the vaccine.
Of course, I hope that everyone will have a healthy and smooth school life.

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