• September 22, 2023

Ten criteria for mental health

Ten criteria for mental health

Psychologists believe that human mental health includes the following seven aspects: normal intelligence, emotional health, sound will, coordinated behavior, interpersonal adaptation, moderate response, and age-appropriate psychological characteristics. Understanding what mental health is is important for enhancing and maintaining people’s overall health. People master the criteria of human health and use it as a basis to compare themselves and conduct self-diagnosis of mental health.

Ten criteria of mental health.
1. Adequate sense of security
A sense of security is one of the basic needs of people, if you are afraid of the end of the day, people will quickly aging. Depression, anxiety and other psychological, can cause dysfunction of the digestive system, and can even lead to lesions.

2, fully understand yourself
Make a proper judgment of your own ability. If you are forced to do the work beyond your ability, you will seem to be overwhelmed, which is not good for your body and mind. Due to the overload of work, it may even bring health problems.

3、The goal of life is realistic
Due to the level of development of social production and material living conditions have certain limits, if the goal of life is set too high, will certainly produce frustration, which is not conducive to physical and mental health.

4、Keep in touch with the outside environment
Because people’s spiritual needs are multi-level, contact with the outside world, on the one hand, can enrich the spiritual life, on the other hand, can adjust their behavior in time, in order to better adapt to the environment.

5、Keep the integrity and harmony of personality
Personality in the ability, interest, character and temperament and other psychological characteristics must be harmonious and unified, in order to be able to perform.

6、Have certain learning ability
Modern society is rapidly updating knowledge, in order to adapt to the new situation, we must continue to learn new things, so that life and work can be handy, less detours, in order to achieve more success.

7, maintain good interpersonal relationships
Interpersonal relationships, there are positive positive relationships, there are negative negative relationships, and the coordination of interpersonal relationships or not, has a great impact on people’s mental health.

8, can moderately express and control their emotions
People have different emotional experiences of happiness, anger, sadness and joy. Unpleasant emotions must be released in order to obtain a psychological balance. But not too much, otherwise, not only affect their own lives, but also intensify interpersonal conflicts, in the physical and mental health is not beneficial.

9, a limited play their talents and interests
People’s talents and interests should be given full play, but not to interfere with the interests of others, not to the detriment of the interests of the group, otherwise, it will cause interpersonal disputes, adding to the trouble, not conducive to physical and mental health.

10、Meet the basic needs of individuals
Without violating the norms of social morality, the basic needs of individuals should be met to a certain extent. Of course, it must be legal, otherwise it will be condemned by conscience, the pressure of public opinion and even legal sanctions, naturally no psychological health can be said.

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