What exactly does skin care take care of?

What exactly does skin care take care of?

With the arrival of winter, more and more children suffering from eczema, many parents look at their children’s skin red, itchy, and some even broken infection, feel helpless, many mothers are speaking, uncle I’m about to collapse. The dermatology department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, Professor Ma Lin said, eczema, atopic dermatitis to three points of treatment, seven points of care, some German skin doctors even said one point of treatment, nine points of care. We will not talk about the treatment today, we will let the doctor solve this problem, we can only cooperate. The parents should focus on care, because for eczema, atopic dermatitis, I personally think that care has not attracted enough attention from parents, a system of professional skin care although it is unlikely to completely prevent eczema recurrence, but at least can effectively control, reduce the symptoms of eczema, today we will come together to talk about eczema, atopic dermatitis care.
First of all, eczema is divided into a stable phase and an attack phase. When it’s calm, there are no problems with your child’s skin for a few months. During flare-ups, the waves are rough, the skin is red and itchy, and even breaks out, although with the necessary treatment and care the child will still have red, itchy skin for weeks, even months. As a parent it is important to understand this wavy process of eczema development and be prepared to fight a constant battle.
Secondly, eczema care is not just about what brand of moisturizer to use, but how and when to use it. What kind of use. Don’t think I buy a skin care, a dab will be no problem.

For the care of eczema, the following are the main aspects.
1, anti-inflammatory
2, to relieve itchy skin
3, adhere to the application of moisturizing skin care products
4, reduce the stimulation of the skin

1, anti-inflammatory.
Red itchy skin is a sign of inflammation, where the inflammation should be distinguished from what we normally call inflammation (infection).
Inflammation of the skin is a defense response of the body to stimuli. It is caused by chemical and physical factors or allergic reactions and other non-infectious factors, such as redness of the skin after being burned, this redness is inflammation, the body’s response to stimuli.
There are two ways to reduce inflammation: one is the use of hormones, which we all know, and the following are the precautions for using hormones.
a. Use of hormones. Always use them under the guidance of a doctor.
b. We know that doctors are very busy, but as parents, if a doctor allows a child to use hormones, we must ask him/her about the maximum amount of hormones he/she prescribes per day, and more importantly, the maximum duration of the hormone use.
c. If you want to use hormones, you should feel free to use them and not stop using them because you are afraid of the side effects of hormones. This may cause eczema to recur, and should be applied until the skin is not red. But be sure to pay attention to the amount of the hormone used and the longest use time should not exceed!
d. To follow up, this is a point that many parents overlook. If your child’s skin is not completely healed within the maximum number of days of use, you must go to a follow-up appointment. Follow the doctor’s instructions or stop or continue using or change to another hormone, which must be decided by the doctor.
e. If your child’s symptoms do not resolve or worsen after three to four days of hormone use, it is possible that this hormone is not working for your child and you should see your doctor.
f. Do not buy and use hormones on your own. Use hormones with caution on the face, diaper area, large eczema areas, and in infants.
The second way to reduce inflammation is to use moisturizing products with anti-inflammatory ingredients. For mild or moderate and infants you can try this first.

2. Relieve itchy skin
The child with eczema, itchy skin, if scratching will cause a vicious cycle, the more itchy the more scratching, the more itchy. Many doctors are also talking about not scratching, but should come up with a solution to the itching, just forbid the child to scratch is not going to work. The itching is sometimes worse than the pain.
a. Cold compresses can effectively relieve the itch, the family should always have an ice pack, when the child itch at any time you can give him a cold compress to stop the itch, do not put the ice pack directly on the skin, pay attention to the temperature should not be too low, the time should not be too long.
b. Parents can take tapping, acupressure, light pinching, to stop his itch.
c. If the child is only slightly scratching, do not forbid him, if once you find that he can not control scratching with nails, to interrupt him.
d. Children are prone to itching when they are sleepy, so you can distract them by reading some stories and fairy tales.
e. When the child undresses, it is easy to itch, after undressing, if you find that he wants to scratch, you can use the method of holding him tightly, and then release him when he does not have the desire to scratch. But be careful not to hold it too tight.
f. If a child itches to undress in front of a stranger (such as a doctor), before going to the doctor, parents should make the reasoning clear to the child that the doctor is helping him, and to distract him when undressing.
g. Parents of older children should teach him to relieve itching by applying anti-itch products as much as possible. If you find that he knows how to apply skin care products when he itches himself, praise him and encourage him. At night, put the anti-itch products in a place where he can reach them at any time, so that he can apply them himself when he is itchy in the middle of the night.
h. When a child is itchy, parents should find ways to help him stop itching, but do not be overly anxious and do not let the child feel that by scratching he can get the attention of adults and can achieve his goal. You can prepare some teddy bears or balls, when the child is itching to let the child scratch the toy, in order to prevent the child’s fingers from injury, it is best to use leather toys. Here is another point to remind you that the process of eczema is long, itchy skin, but also can not sleep. Both parents should rotate their rest to ensure that each person gets at least one day of full rest each week. Poor rest can affect the mood of the adults, which in turn affects the child. The child’s nervousness and anxiety will aggravate his eczema symptoms. There are also some ways to stop the itch, and I’ll give you more information about them later.

I think we all know how to apply moisturizing products, so I will talk about the precautions for using moisturizing products.
a. Do not use moisturizing products containing fragrance, perfume, fragrance is the main cause of allergies caused by the use of skin care products.
b. Do not use moisturizers containing animal ingredients, animal proteins tend to cause allergies in children.
c. Use moisturizers to choose products according to the characteristics of the skin at different stages of eczema. When eczema flares up, the skin is hot and itchy, so use moisturizers that contain high moisture and low oil, which will help cool the skin and relieve itching, and use moisturizing skin care products with high oil and low moisture for the smooth period of eczema.
d. Do not apply too thickly to the folds of the infant’s neck, wrists, and thighs, which can easily become infected. If there is a complication of infection, apply antibiotic ointment to the infected area, keep it dry and cool, and stop using moisturizing products.
e. When eczema strikes, you should increase the number of times you apply it, once in the morning and once in the evening is not enough, but not too much, 4 or 5 times a day should be enough. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of times a day, which is not necessary. The actual fact is that you will need to be more careful when it comes to the redness of the eczema area.
f. Moisturizing products should be kept in the refrigerator when not in use, cool moisturizing products are good for stopping itching.
The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of things. The thick application is not conducive to relieving itching.
h. Do not frown when applying skin care products, so that the child also feel stressed, smile and face the child, while wiping chat with the child, teasing him. Make every time you apply skin care products to the child is a kind of fun, a small game.

4, Reduce skin irritation
Parents must pay attention to the importance of reducing skin irritation, as many eczema often recur, and parents do not pay attention to reduce skin irritation related.
a. Do not wear sweaters
b. Don’t spend a long time in the sun. A short time in the sun is good for the skin because ultraviolet light can kill bacteria. When a long time will stimulate the skin.
c. Avoid sweating, sweat can irritate the skin.
d. Do not make the room too hot, especially the bedroom.
e. As dust mites can cause allergies in some children, pay attention to dusting (especially in winter)
f. Pollen can induce eczema, children with eczema should stay away from pollen
g. Cut off the labels of clothes (underwear), if the child has eczema, the stitching will rub the skin. It is best to turn the underwear over and wear it. Wash new clothes at least once before wearing them. Try to choose loose-fitting clothes.
h. If your child likes to swim, apply skin care products to him before going into the water, which can somewhat reduce the chlorine in the water to stimulate the skin.

Last but not least, do not take frequent baths, especially in winter. The skin of eczema is dry but at the same time afraid of water. Prolonged bathing will dilute the moisturizing factors in the skin, causing it to be even less moisturized. Do not think that soaking in the water can hydrate, we soak in the bath know that after a long bath, will be very thirsty. If we can rehydrate we should not be thirsty, but rather want to go to the toilet to pee.
On the issue of food allergies causing eczema, just a brief note today, food allergies in eczema account for a very small percentage of the same fish, beef and lamb winter, summer are eating. But in winter, the percentage of people suffering from eczema is much higher than in summer.
The proportion of eczema in winter is much higher than in summer. The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a good deal on your own. I do recommend that you pay attention to the histamine issue sometime. During an eczema attack, you should reduce the consumption of foods that contain high levels of histamine.
In conclusion, eczema is related to the environment, food additives, air pollution, frequent cleaning, mental stress and anxiety, and genetics. The percentage of eczema in industrialized countries is higher than in developing countries, and eczema can be considered a modern disease that is growing year by year with the industrialization of China.
Parents should have a good mindset and be prepared for a protracted battle, don’t take it lightly when the skin is good, don’t be anxious and anxious when the skin is bad, through systematic scientific care, most eczema can be effectively controlled.

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