• September 22, 2023

Do it right and HEALTHY DIET

Do it right and HEALTHY DIET

Breakfast must be eaten. No time to eat breakfast is not an excuse, a glass of nonfat fresh milk or eat a tea egg can be, in short, do not let the stomach empty. Breakfast should eat more milk, eggs, food with high nutritional value, but also eat some vegetables and fruit.

Eat eight minutes of lunch. Based on health considerations, it is appropriate to eat eight minutes full; based on weight loss considerations, eating seven minutes full is appropriate. The Chinese way of eating is difficult to control the amount of food you eat, and you will always eat more than you like, and it is easy to overeat. Change to a Western-style dining style, all dishes, portions in the same plate, so that not only can achieve a balanced nutrition, but also easy to control the amount of food, and if you slow down the speed of eating, it is easy to get a sense of satiety, can avoid overeating. Try not to eat dessert after the meal. If you really want to eat something, then eat a small calorie snack, do not overdo it!

Maintain a low oil, low salt diet. Try to steam or boil the way to cook, to reduce the intake of fat. If you are eating out, you can ask for a glass of plain water to pass the dish slightly, to choose off the excess oil and salt. Eat less starchy and oily things, because starch is too easy to absorb oil, like fried noodles, fried rice, fried buns, scallion pancakes and so on. Try to consume more high-fiber foods. Foods such as celery, mushrooms, green vegetables, fruits, beans, potatoes, etc. are rich in fiber and should be consumed daily (but not too oily). Fiber can help the adsorption of fats and oils, such as fiber in the stomach, eaten fats and oils are easy to be stuck in the fiber, along with excretion out together.

3 hours before bedtime, do not eat again. Eating a full breakfast and Chinese food, and eating less for dinner is the best way to reduce the increase of body fat. After 8 or 9 p.m., don’t eat any more.
Have regular and regular meals. Three meals must be regular, not this meal can not eat the next meal to make up. Even if you’re busy, it’s better to eat a little bit than not to eat at all. Also, do not use dieting as a drastic way to lose weight, it is recommended to try a “low-calorie balanced diet”.

The amount of food you eat is determined by your appetite and the amount of food you eat, there is no uniform standard.

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