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On Healthy Diet and Balanced Diets

On Healthy Diet and Balanced Diets

The concept of healthy diet is actually too broad, because different people will have different interpretations of health, so instead of saying healthy, it is better to say balanced diet. Whenever this word is mentioned, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as coarse grains and cereals, come to mind. We always think that this is called healthy, reasonable and scientific. However, this is not the case, these can only be called vegetarian, light. So what is a reasonable balanced diet for the public?
The answer is: “Eat well and eat normally!” To put it in detail: “Eat a little less, eat more fancy, do not worry to eat anxiety.” Not so low: “Eat in moderation, diversify, eat normally.” In this statement, this is not what I said, I also dare not say. It comes from a nutrition guru. But his name I forget.
From experience, friends who have heard me say this feel that coyotes are perfunctory. But the matter itself is so simple. It is not that there is no detailed dietary analysis, but it is not necessary for most people. Many of the so-called nutritional diet common sense in fact, the role is secondary, adding countless unnecessary anxiety is true. Without further ado, let’s start with the central content.

First: the diet issue is a development issue brought about by development.
In short, a few decades backwards, when it is not easy to belly, we are struggling with what to eat. Later, we can eat, we began to think about what to eat? And then later, life is good to choose to eat more problems, and then began to struggle with what to eat what should not eat. Although the vulgar point, but I have to say that we live too thing b.
All this is like the fate of coarse grains. Whole wheat bread is the big brother of the bread industry, not only that, in order to belly, the early years of people not to mention the bran will not be removed, but also add certain leaves and bark. Later, grain production increased significantly, people began to dislike the taste of whole wheat bread is not very good. Now there is refined bread. People are happy ah will eat ah results of some people’s skin began to appear problems, and even some serious necrosis. It turned out that it was because white bread lacked the necessary vitamins. Of course, people are a kind of creature that is difficult to go backward, and how can they give up the taste that has become good, so there is a vitamin A, D-enhanced bread. The specific method is to add the vitamin to the flour when it is powdered. Of course by now, whole wheat bread has become a favorite again. To be precise, coarse grains have become favorites. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Because I and many partners around me have experienced these, I can only say that it is all blind.
Diet is not a problem. Development has turned it into a problem.

Second: balanced meals? What do you mean by balance.
Everyone should have heard of the balanced diet pyramid, not familiar with the Department of friends can Baidu keywords, basically about all the content eaten in a person’s day, grains, vegetables and fruits, meat, milk and eggs, etc. each need to account for how much proportion. Although this ratio has been in constant change and modification, but there has been no shortage of followers.
When this was first released, the purpose was to provide a “macro” “macro” “macro” “macro” diet guideline. Yes, I emphasized macro. In fact, the further explanation is that I mentioned at the beginning of the “eat in moderation, diversify, eat normally”. We do not need to calculate and quantify precisely, and we do not need to ensure that we have to eat all of these every day. Most of us still need to work, study and take care of our families. Life can’t be too comfortable, and sometimes there’s really no opportunity to balance meals every day. Even my nutrition professor, who had a table full of noodles, would often come to class with fast food. It’s not that we don’t understand reasoning, but we also have to consider reality.
But it’s perfectly fine for us to eat a lot of staple foods today, such as oil-sprayed noodles, beef hooded cakes and pancake fruit. Then tomorrow I will pay attention to eat more vegetables or add two apples, for two days in a row the lack of meat that I third day to make up for the meat. As long as there is this sense of “balance” in a few days is actually quite good. Some people ask me if this is okay, the answer is: only okay. As I said, you can study science in an absolute space and idealistic space, but you have to consider reality. Otherwise, it adds to the burden and anxiety. In fact, for fried chicken burgers and fries ice cream is the same, a normal week to eat once or twice can what. The “balance” is not to eliminate, but a trade-off, compensatory thinking.
Of course some friends are perfectionist, just like the coyote also used to be very sensitive to eating, so it’s not much. But whether scientific thinking can be applied to our lives also depends on whether it is appropriate. Appropriateness is important. The human body maintains a homeostasis internally and a balance with the external world. For different individuals, the balance is different, and it is up to you to figure it out.
For example: Shanxi, why pasta developed, because back then there were not many kinds of side dishes, it was destined to their diet structure high carbohydrate; and then the Inner Grassland, there are not many staple foods, meat is valuable, and dishes are even scarcer, so their diet is destined to high protein and heavy reliance on dairy products. But we can’t say they are unhealthy. Certainly not to apply the pyramid idea to them. Therefore, balance is not an absolute concept, nor is it a fixed concept.

Third: Talk less about nutrients and more about food.
This is a side effect of mass nutrition propaganda and commercial propaganda.
Do you remember when we or people around us started to talk about the nutrients in food and no longer about the food itself? When we were kids, all we knew was that we wanted to eat burgers, buns and rice. Now, however, many young people who love their bodies go to the supermarket and will be torn in front of the pancetta because they are worried about its fat and end up reluctantly buying the tenderloin. We will say, this dish to buy some, high vitamin content; this more to come, high protein; this also to come, high fiber content; fever and cold, I have to eat some vitamin C; sweating, I have to make up some electrolytes; this thing to eat less, high calorie; I grow muscle, have to eat more protein; I lose weight, eat less carbohydrates.
Such examples are not left to mention. The nutrients are so natural to say when you don’t know anything about them. In fact, this can not be blamed on us, first of all, we can not ask everyone to study nutrition, and then secondly, various channels are now so propaganda. Some people may say, “This is not also a good thing, even if the nerve of some, but also for the body is good ah.” No, a mouth full of nutrients does not mean a healthy diet, to is the possibility of increased anxiety. Because once we don’t eat the nutrients we think we should, we get anxious and worried. Because the understanding of food nutrition is too shallow, most of the time we have eaten enough or even excess or feel that there is not enough. The result is to make eating a very utilitarian thing. It is true that a friend was interested in nutrients and efficacy when he talked to Coyote, and he knew more about it. He said, “Oh, you can eat fried chicken burgers every weekend because you want to keep your fat intake up so you can ensure the absorption of fatty vitamins and maintain your hormone levels, right?” I said, “Actually, I just want to satisfy my craving.”
So friends can self-diagnose, if you have, try to adjust. If you don’t, congratulations, prevention.

Four: fat loss, weight gain diet plan “healthy”?
(Although this article talks about the problem and shaping the body to build muscle almost nothing, but put here to say but very appropriate.)
Many big names are stressing that normal eating, normal eating, for the daily diet. The purpose is to try to get everyone to put aside unnecessary concerns. But if you have to involve into weight loss and weight gain, the premise has changed, diet is no longer simply a daily problem, but has become a clear goal behavior. At this moment the diet becomes less pure and more utilitarian, so the criterion is not healthy or unhealthy, but effective and ineffective. What is ineffective may be “healthy” and may be balanced; what is effective may be due to excessive imbalance. It’s hard to put it all in a nutshell.
In fact, life is able to cope with all kinds of external changes because there is an internal homeostasis, and various organs and nervous systems in the body help us to maintain the homeostasis. Likewise, the same goes for weight. We always think that if we eat fried chicken a few times, we will gain weight and if we eat salad a few times, we will lose weight, but this is not true. It’s true that energy expenditure governs weight gain and loss, but the body itself is also working to maintain weight in a range. We don’t feel it, but it’s there. Granted, everyone is different, but genetics and development dictate that each of us has an appropriate weight range. Within this range, it is not easy to either gain or lose because the body is maintaining this homeostasis. So weight gain and weight loss diets are about disrupting this balance, this homeostasis. So these diet plans themselves are an imbalance that exists.
Although I try to avoid this word, if I have to talk about health, then I can only say that the more effective and faster the plan is, most of them are not “healthy” and the results are usually not lasting. Relatively “healthy” some because they are relatively more in line with the concept of “balance”, so the less likely to break homeostasis, the less likely to be effective. Although the coyote itself avoids breaking the balance of such things, however, like weight, many things unknowingly went astray, so sometimes it really is not overkill. Not only weight loss, there are many things that prevent us from balancing our meals, unfortunately some times we really have to be “unhealthy” and “unbalanced” for a while. However, we still have to live, in the long run this period of imbalance is good. So, when you can’t help it, don’t keep thinking about things like “healthy or unhealthy”, adding to the anxiety. Do not underestimate your body’s ability to regulate.

5: Don’t mistake “dietary adjustment advice” as “balanced dietary advice”.
Many misunderstandings are caused by the fact that we mistakenly take the adjustment advice as the key to a balanced diet. I’ll explain it in detail below.
As I said at the beginning, whenever “healthy eating” is mentioned, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as coarse grains and cereals, come to our mind. It’s not everyone’s fault, and we can’t even blame the propaganda. Because too many people are over-nourished and overweight, so there is a “diet adjustment recommendations” for this phenomenon, that is, eat more fruits and vegetables these relatively low calorie ah cholesterol ah fat ah food. As I said before, the scales have tipped to one side, of course I have to add something to the other side, but not that I add this thing is balanced, is healthy. So it’s not the more vegetarian and thicker the “healthier”.
There is another, low oil diet. Nowadays, many friends who advocate healthy eating take it as the Bible, low oil is healthy. But if you put it in the past, who is not a coarse meal, for ordinary people, eat some fats and oils, especially animal fats and oils that much happiness. Therefore, we should look at this issue in this way, because nowadays too many people have excessive fat intake and are overweight. That’s why we advocate a low-fat diet. But it does not mean that healthy is the same as low oil.
Although there are many examples, I think it’s clear enough to say this. There is no secret formula for a balanced diet, there is no formula, it is still the same three points: “Eat in moderation, diversify, and eat normally.” As for the balance, you must find it yourself.

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