• October 4, 2022

For the purpose of health, running and fitness, which exercise is more suitable?

For the purpose of health, running and fitness, which exercise is more suitable?

First of all, running and working out, both will make you healthier. Secondly, running belongs to aerobic exercise, the core of which is to improve your cardio capacity and make your cardiovascular system stronger. Fitness, on the other hand, is anaerobic exercise, which can mainly improve your muscular endurance and strength. The American College of Sports Medicine states that the five elements that measure the physical health of modern people are: cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, body composition, muscular endurance and muscular strength.

In conclusion, my advice, analyze the current specific goals of your health claims and choose the gym if you want more strength and endurance; if you want to improve your cardio capacity, focus on running. Of course, running and fitness are not an either/or relationship. For the average runner, 3-4 runs a week is enough, the remaining 2 days can do something to help improve running ability, such as hip and leg muscle strength exercises to achieve improved muscle mass while promoting your ability to run better, ultimately allowing you to reap the benefits of more comprehensive health.

There are so many benefits of fitness why are there many people who do not work out?
No need to be curious. This is something that is very simple to say, very simple to say, complex to say, can be said in tens of thousands of words. Different things have different costs, and for different people, the costs are equally different. And the results obtained, is also different, even if objectively get the same similar results, in each person’s values, the same is not the same gain. You think fitness may be to get off work, spend an hour or two, get a physical and mental comfort, physical fitness improvement. However, for other people may be to give up the only time outside of 996 to have rest, leisure, entertainment and even good company for the family. You feel that fitness gives you and muscle growth, confidence boost, slow down the aging process. However, for other people, may be this month to pay off the mortgage, night out for a drink, pick up a horse, catch a kaiju is the meaningful thing in life. The difference is the source of happiness. Humans will choose to do different things because of their abilities and values.

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