How important is Health Fitness to a man?

How important is Health Fitness to a man?

As a fitness enthusiast with four years of fitness experience, basically an hour a day fitness, regardless of wind and rain, in the great northeast minus 20 degrees of weather, outdoor sports have not been interrupted. Why are you so obsessed with fitness, talk about some personal feelings and views on it. The reason why fitness is fascinating, just like someone loves to watch movies, someone loves to read books, someone has a love for music, fitness has its own ultimate charm. At the beginning of my freshman year, I had nothing to do every day, I didn’t know what I should do to enrich my life, at that time I lived a very decadent life, sleeping until noon, never eating breakfast, and soaking in Internet cafes every day. Later, by chance, driven by the roommate, began to run every day. After a long time, I slowly found that every day was very fulfilling and my mental state was getting better and better.

The above is the reason why I started to fitness and the beginning of the experience, the following I will talk about the main benefits of fitness:
1. the improvement of physical quality. Now you can 1000 meters, 3 minutes, 100 meters run 12 seconds more, nothing can run a long time without talking, push-ups once 200, pull-ups standard 20, can do some difficult fitness action. Every physical fitness test is easy full score. Of course, the physical quality is improved to bring health, rarely sick.

2. Confidence. When every time in the stadium, gym, or even walking on the road, others see your strong muscles, lifting posture, steady and powerful pace, strong aura, will cast an envious eye, often have friends to consult me on fitness knowledge, in this inadvertent, you will find their own values and sense of existence, at least in every party chat can come up with something, slowly self-affirmation and identity The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Of course, for a man, confidence is undoubtedly the most important, when you face everything with confidence, you can often do things with ease, just like the Matthew effect, the more confident the better, feel better and better.

3. network and social circle. I think the people who can go to the gym, no matter what other aspects, at least a positive life, a high demand for self, of course, such people are usually not bad in other areas, daily contact with such people should be better than in the playground, dormitory contact. Over time, naturally a person also becomes active and hard more. Things gather together, people are divided by groups.

4. Mindset. A person who loves sports definitely will not be poor mentality. Sports release people’s negative energy, absorb positive energy, you will find that the movement brings you a change in mentality, you learn to endure. Learn to persevere, learn not to complain, learn to go to a person to get along, learn to face bravely.

5. Of course there are many, this need to find out for yourself, others say too much, not as much as their own personal experience. I hope it will help you!

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Thank you for the information, it will give me a new outlook on my life.

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