Fitness may also become a health killer

Fitness may also become a health killer

Recently a fitness enthusiast consulted me, he usually street fitness, and not much weight training, how suddenly the lumbar disc herniated?
This is actually a good question. Of course, I’m sorry for his misfortune. In fact, fitness, it is not as simple as some people seem to be. Many people think that running, jumping and jumping, what is the difficulty, still need to learn? Well, this view is wreaking havoc on people every day. In fact, the general so-called weight training, the traditional three major items, squat, hard pull, bench press, because it is a stability action. In contrast to those non-stable movements such as running and jumping, the chance of injury is smaller.

Take the squat, in fact, is a very stable action, your movement trajectory is repeated the same. Such movements are less prone to injury because the body’s variables are very small and the movements are slow and cautious. I have seen examples of squatting injuries basically because of the weight they could not handle, called bravado in Chinese.
Of course, the prerequisite is that you are doing the movement right. This is the premise of all movements.

And what everyone thinks you can do by buying a pair of running shoes, running, is a major health killer sport. Whether you are an experienced runner or not, there will be corresponding injuries. And those who have stuck with it for years are plagued by a number of injuries on a long-term basis. There is no exception. I once had a fantasy of my own whether running is like squatting, those who move right, experienced, and within their means, whether they will not be plagued by injuries? Then I unintentionally met a senior American running bully, who is also very famous for his writings on running. Unfortunately, according to him, no matter how careful you are, there will be more or less injuries and illnesses that will plague you. His words are the price you have to pay for your health. In fact, the injuries encountered are much the same as those suffered by first-time runners, mainly ankle, knee and hip injuries. Just people can persevere, and constantly sum up experience and correct action, so they can control the injury, not to the point where they can no longer run.

This is very anxious is not it, that is, these non-stable movements due to the constant impact on the body and loss, injuries are almost inevitable. So I just don’t do it all? I think not, if you like to run, can do the right action, and really bring you change and health, and injury is within your body can bear, then run.

The problem is that too many beginners run blindly, resulting in an inability to stick to it.
For the average white person, just remember, don’t practice blindly with bungee jumping. Be careful with your joints. Don’t practice some of the seemingly passionate movements of the abs, and be careful of your lumbar spine. In fact, training specifically for the abdominal muscles is really quite a waste of time. Do not practice dangerous non-stable movements, such as making you hold two medicine balls to do push-ups. The movements that are too frequent should be taught by a reliable coach. In fact, many of the movements that are too frequent are just blind and pointless. If you can find someone who can teach you the right high flip high grip, it’s cool to learn this right explosive movement. I know many of my friends are trying to lose weight and get in shape. A simple sentence says that strength training and a sensible diet will do. Just strength training is a very rigorous system. Not the gym training a few months of the coach can teach just. That’s why they will come up with something that looks hot, but essentially foolish, because that stuff is good to fool, looks good to learn, quick.

There is nothing wrong with people seeking physical fitness, but as with anything else, you have to be able to tell the difference.

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