The greatest success is working out every day and then living healthy!

The greatest success is working out every day and then living healthy!

Everyone is talking about happiness these days.
What is happiness?
I think health is happiness! Having health is not the same as having everything; not having health is the same as not having everything. Health is a hollow glass ball that breaks when you drop it. And our work is a leather ball, which can still bounce up after dropping it. Health is a one-way street, and every person has to take it seriously.
When it comes to health, you are better than God
Eat well in the morning, eat enough at noon, and eat less at night. Nowadays, people are the opposite, they are sloppy in the morning, deal with it at noon, and eat and drink a lot at night, which is the root of all diseases. The morning meal, equal to eating tonic, is the most important meal, must eat a nutritious breakfast. The main food must have vegetables plus fruit, breakfast nutrition is not good, noon and evening is not to make up for it.

The world’s worst habit is smoking
Smokers, bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, and finally lung cancer, which is a trilogy of death.

Excess nutrition is as poisonous as water is the life of a person

Excess nutrition body toxin accumulation than normal people, do not eat and drink. Be sure to drink eight glasses of water every day. Because water is the life of a person. Now many people will not drink water, drink only when thirsty. Wrong, must be free to drink, not thirsty then drink. Eight cups of tea is okay? Tea can not, drinks, coffee, beer can not replace water. To drink tea also drink light tea, not strong tea. Always remember, water is the life of man.

There are degrees of fitness, walking is also a good way to exercise

Everything is a degree, eating is a degree, sleep is a degree, fitness exercise is also to a degree.
We advocate fitness and exercise. No exercise is not good, but also do not agree with those who spend all day gym practice, because excessive exercise will also reduce immune function, exercise to know how to rest. Exercise for half an hour to an hour a day, if you do not go to the gym to exercise, you can take the simplest way to walk for half an hour, just walk on the line, which is the simplest, most economical and most effective way. But walking is also delicate, young people should walk fast, gradually walk fast, fast to what extent, a minute to reach 130 steps. Heartbeat to reach 120 times a minute, in order to achieve the purpose of exercise heart. Reach 130 steps, 120 heartbeats, of course, not all at once, to have a gradual adaptation process. A person must start young and maintain your standard weight. Once fat, you want to bring it down how easy it is, in fact, not easy, where is the key? Control the mouth, move more legs, people are “dead in the mouth, lazy in the legs
Healthy life every day, to do seven aspects

First, be sure to eat three good meals.
Second, the second, must sleep well for 8 hours.
Third, insist on half an hour of exercise every day
Fourth, every day to laugh, physical and mental health.
Fifth, very special, every day must be able to defecate.
Sixth, must be family harmony.
Seventh, do not smoke, do not drink, and walk every day.
Health starts from every day, every day health, on a lifetime of health.

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