Maintain the daily three meals, want to lose weight, what to eat more healthy, but also thin

Maintain the daily three meals, want to lose weight, what to eat more healthy, but also thin

No starvation, no diet, poor students two weeks to lose ten pounds of healthy weight.

Here’s how to do it in detail.
1. drink plenty of water.

2. eat eggs when hungry.

3. the cafeteria to play a variety of vegetables, and then shabu vinegar, or shabu water; the best way to buy their own variety of vegetables, blanching or spicy hot, add some vinegar, chili, soy sauce and other seasonings can be. The cost is ridiculously low, and it should be within ten dollars a day. The point is, it is not a diet. Eggs + assorted vegetables provide almost all the necessary nutrients for the body. Egg whites contain amino acids that are perfectly suited to human needs and are highly absorbable; egg yolks are rich in unsaturated fatty acids (lecithin), small amounts of saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamin ADEK, B vitamins and minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron; vegetables make up for the other water-soluble vitamins, minerals and small amounts of carbohydrates. It’s almost a perfect quick slimming meal.

Directly attached to the student party fast slimming recipes: 1.
1. breakfast: boiled eggs or fried eggs; cucumber, tomatoes. 2.

2. lunch: scrambled eggs with green peppers, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, brined eggs, fried eggs, eggs; canteen oil used in all kinds of stir-fry is very bad, must be shaken off with vinegar or water, replace different kinds of vegetables mushrooms or seaweed every day; best to boil their own vegetables, add some seasoning, and cheap and healthy.

3. dinner: tomato and egg flower soup, nori and egg flower soup, bok choy soup, cabbage soup; or blanch your own lettuce and okra. Drink more water in between, and eat boiled eggs when you’re hungry. A pound of eggs is three or four dollars, and it’s only seven or eight dollars to eat two pounds of eggs a day. Healthy people do not need to limit the intake of eggs, they can use it as a staple food, because about 80% of cholesterol in the body is self-generated, when the intake of food cholesterol is high, the body will automatically reduce the synthesis to keep the blood cholesterol concentration stable; lecithin in the egg yolk can reduce the bad cholesterol LDL-C, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Patients with weak cholesterol metabolism should control the intake of dietary cholesterol according to medical advice.

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