What are the ways to seek help if a mental health problem arises?

What are the ways to seek help if a mental health problem arises?

For the time being, I’ll expand on the ways to solve mental health problems according to the following points.

Self-regulation Psychological counseling Psychotherapy Medication Hospitalization The following are detailed.

Self-regulation Reflective category: such as reading books, writing diaries, through these methods to see their own psychological way of thinking. More suitable for those about their own character, life doubts class problems, these problems are not urgent to solve, but very difficult

Catharsis class: sports, drinking, singing, consumption, eating and eating, directly release their inner negative emotions. More suitable for those who can not accept the emotions, such as high school entrance exams did not do well or by the company resigned

Seek help category: find friends, teachers, partners, family members to confide in. More suitable for emotions that feel helpless, lonely, depressed, anxious, and often have unexpected effects.

Life category: rework your schedule, make a daily plan, stick to daily exercise, and eat healthy. Suitable for cases where life has been seriously affected, such as divorce and loss of love, injury, dropping out of school, etc. It is a mediation method that integrates mind and body.

Psychological counseling
Wellness and health care: Through counseling, you can fully understand your personality traits, relationship patterns, and inner conflicts. Suitable for everyone, as it ensures that we are better equipped to cope when we experience major events in the future. (For example, you are currently single and find that you can’t express your emotions, so through counseling, you learn how to express your emotions so that in future marriages, the other person will be better able to understand your feelings and prevent more marital conflicts)

Psychological support: For example, major events such as exams, job applications, divorce and marriage, and pregnancy preparation can stir up our ongoing emotions, but once this matter has come to fruition, our emotions are much better. This is when counseling can be a cathartic outlet, giving you a place to put your stress by responding positively and with strict confidentiality. At the same time, the counselor may use some relaxation techniques to help you regulate your mind.
Addressing social difficulties: A psychological problem can be divided into two dimensions: “healthy” and “social”, social including: two people always quarrel, children do not study well, do not know how to deal with conflict, do not know how to cope with social relationships, low work efficiency, can only fall in love and can not get married. The social dimension includes: the couple always quarrels, the children do not study well, they cannot handle conflicts, they cannot cope with social relationships, they are inefficient, they can only fall in love but cannot get married. Counseling can identify inappropriate beliefs, thoughts, behavior patterns, emotional reactions, and anticipatory imagery in which the client is involved.
Assisted recovery: After the symptoms are resolved through psychotherapy or medication, counseling can help the client to better return to society, such as how to make friends, how to reconnect with stress, how to find support, etc. These efforts can help the client to build a better living environment and reduce the probability of relapse of the psychological disorder.

Reducing symptoms: Psychological problems may cause distress in eating, excretion, sleeping, pain, etc., and a distinct feeling of being different from others, from the past, and this is when psychotherapy can help people reduce these symptoms. This part of the function is somewhat intertwined with counseling, but the difference is that the goal of counseling is “thoughts and feelings” and the goal of therapy is “symptoms”.

Psychosomatic disorders: Psychological problems may lead to disturbances in eating, excretion, sleep, pain, etc. If these disturbances are found to be uncontrollable by the organism, they can be treated by the psychiatrist. If these disturbances are found to be unexplained by organic problems, they are likely to be psychological in nature, and psychotherapy is often effective.

Hospitalization with medication
Urgent and fast: the effect of drugs is often faster than psychological work, so if you want to relieve emotions quickly, drugs are generally more suitable. However, this does not mean that the problem is more serious with medication than without it. Medication can be treated as an upgrade to “psychological support” above. Symptom reduction: This part of the function is intertwined with psychotherapy, but of course medication and psychotherapy, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, are also used in combination. Inability to think: If the patient is already lacking self-awareness and is experiencing a lot of hallucinations, delusions, and impulsive behavior, he/she needs to be medicated and/or hospitalized immediately.

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