Is it easier to lose weight in summer or winter?

Is it easier to lose weight in summer or winter?

In our common sense of life, summer is to lose weight, winter is to grow meat, in fact, this is the wrong perception.

Because winter gives us the illusion that we want to grow meat, we ignore the need to lose weight. Winter cold, we follow the body’s self-protection mechanism, in order to resist this cold climate, either wear round, or eat themselves round. We have long been accustomed to the days of growing meat in winter, in fact, winter than summer, it is easier to lose weight.

Weight loss left but “eat” and “move” these two things.
About eating, we feel the state of our body well, listen to their own body’s real needs. In winter, the body says, “The temperature is too low, I need more strength. So in winter, our intestines and stomach blood supply has increased, digestion and absorption function has been enhanced. Eating the same things, the chances of gaining weight in winter are greatly reduced. But in winter, the body says, so cold, I need more calories, and we subconsciously eat more. We ignore that the body will absorb a lot of calories and consume fat in order to reserve energy for the winter, and in winter, the body’s basal consumption is higher than in summer.

About moving, the same amount of exercise, in the cold air, the energy consumed is significantly more than the warm environment. The colder the climate, the better the exercise effect. But so cold winter, your body tells you, do not want to move. Don’t say exercise, not even the courage to move out of the blanket. Just want to be in a warm place, spread out and stay up for the winter.

Winter weight loss is the most effective. Winter temperatures drop, the human gastrointestinal blood supply increased, digestion and absorption function is enhanced, the volume of meals naturally increased, so winter is the most likely to gain weight season, but if you can control the weight in these months, the risk of gaining weight is greatly reduced. In addition, people are in a cold state in winter, and the calories consumed in cold exercise are much more than in a warm environment. Moreover, winter exercise is characterized by more frequent, shorter intervals and lighter weights, which coincides with the laws of fat loss exercise.

What are the best exercises to do in winter to lose weight? Usually high efficiency aerobic fitness is the best exercise for weight loss. The so-called aerobic exercise refers to those exercises in the process, the oxygen obtained through breathing, can be continuously supplied to the muscles of exercise, in the role of enzymes metabolize sugar and fat to provide energy, adhere to the continuous exercise, such as cycling, walking, up the stairs, running, swimming and other sports

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