How do you feel about losing weight while breastfeeding after giving birth?

How do you feel about losing weight while breastfeeding after giving birth?
Many people think that losing weight while breastfeeding must be very unhealthy, which is a misconception. I’ve just been postpartum for 3 months and have regained my pre-pregnancy weight, I’ve broken 150 by the time I gave birth, blaming myself for not controlling it. The average postpartum weight loss is 8 pounds per month. Exclusive breastfeeding, my baby were criticized by doctors for eating too fat, so weight loss affects the milk is also a lot of people want to take for granted.

You think weight loss must be not to eat or drink?

How to breastfeed without eating it? Definitely eat ah, but do not turkey pork elbow bone soup abalone ginseng shark’s fin belly a supplement. Maternity change diet structure on the line. I did not diet at all, cooking less oil, less sugar and less salt, and then try to eat less or no rice and noodles, and refined carbohydrates. Three meals mainly choose deep-sea fish, or shrimp, beef, chicken breast, eggs, and a lot of vegetables. So, change the structure of the diet on the line, not to starve yourself.

You think weight loss must be to exercise to death?
Breastfeeding consumes several hundred calories a day, which translates into a lot of exercise. So we just need to walk and do housework with the baby on the line. The amount of exercise is enough.

Anyway, I hate it when people say, “Don’t lose weight when breastfeeding, you can’t lose weight now, it affects breastfeeding.
Why not? The 6 months after giving birth is the prime time to slim down, this time period in the slim not back, more difficult in the future. I lost weight but it did not affect my milk ah, in addition to feeding their own children into the fat, every day the breast pump sucked out of the milk also to help the other two children, the milk is not too good. I think what affects the milk most is the mood, mood, mood! Not to lose weight. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own. You have to cheat yourself with a fat body for the sake of your baby? It’s not like the mother is fat and has more milk.

The first 3 months later you can do abdominal breathing, Kegel exercise “please do your own Baidu”, are to help you recover. Before exercise self-check whether there is a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle, generally a finger is considered the normal range, if you separate two fingers three fingers need medical intervention, do not exercise on their own. Because the rectus abdominis muscle separation caused by the belly, you can then exercise and then thin are belly, and the movement may be more serious.

Later you can resume exercise one after another, there is no uniform standard, your body can eat it.
Many sisters will feel but the mother-in-law at home does not allow weight loss ah! Then you don’t always shout at them ah, you secretly carry on just fine. Replace the rice with sweet potatoes, eat more vegetables and less meat, they advise you to eat more, you can not eat more ah, tell them to breastfeeding eating greasy affect the baby’s digestive tract, the milk is too thick baby ate tummy ache.

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