• September 22, 2023

What have you experienced on the road to weight loss?

What have you experienced on the road to weight loss?

I once tried to lose weight by not eating anything for 24 days, only eating cucumber, drinking water and milk.
Then the afternoon of the 24th day. My friends went to a barbecue and had to call me, so I had no choice but to go along. During the period, the group advised me to eat some, eat some, then I do not know where to get the perseverance, in the face of nourishing oil, charred barbecue, a variety of seafood, fried rice. I insisted on not eating a single bite. And after a while really can not stand the torment of this food, thinking to get up to go to the bathroom to wash the face, sober up a little. The moment I got up, I felt a blackness in front of my eyes, followed by stars in my eyes, (I had this symptom a few days ago, not heavy, so I didn’t take it seriously) along with the sky spinning, I fell on the table. The plates and chopsticks flew up, and the wine glasses and drinks were scattered all over the place, but fortunately I didn’t fall on top of the barbecue stove, thinking about the red and hot carbon fire. The noisy and lively hotel was silent, and the guests and the hotel service staff looked at our side. At that time, my friends were dumbfounded, reacted for a while, hailed up around me to see the situation.

I was still conscious when I fell down, but I had no strength, ringing in my ears, sweating, and difficulty moving. Several people worked together to put me flat on my back on top of a long sofa bench for dinner. At this point, my friend said to call the police and an ambulance. Coincidentally, one of the guests at the table across from us, who had witnessed the whole process, was a paramedic who put down his chopsticks and came over to check my condition. Picking my eyelids. Patting my shoulders, calling me and other professional measures, as I did not lose consciousness, quickly responded to him, after a brief inquiry, the kind man (later asked, a doctor) told his friend, nothing major It is hungry, nutrition and protein what can not keep up, body weakness and other terms, do not quite understand. Later in the backpack gave me a small bottle of sugar water, seems to be glucose. I drank it, and after a while I felt like I was slowly getting back into shape.
I could sit up, and then the doctor told me that this way of dieting is like playing with your life, and told me about the dangers and dangers.

This time my appetite rose, looking at a table of food, I have the urge to pack it all into the stomach, the doctor and friends also saw my thoughts, the doctor smiled and said eat less, supplement it, 24 days without food, you are also a werewolf. It is also you fat, fat, change the general people really difficult to last so many days, I embarrassed scratching my head, friends also laughed. With gratitude, I sent the doctor back to his table, and said to clink a glass, and later, after expressing my gratitude with water instead of wine.

Since then I have a firm idea, (the previous determination to lose weight is not so strong) what to lose weight, what potential stock, what to do, no matter fat or thin, health is good. I would like to send this personal experience of the real thing to those who want to lose weight, or are on the road to weight loss friends a piece of advice to lose weight on the road is very difficult, hold on don’t be too annoyed, the eat eat you should drink, with exercise to become handsome.

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