Exercise to lose weight, completely ineffective because the metabolism is very slow?

Exercise to lose weight, completely ineffective because the metabolism is very slow?

What is the length of your exercise? How often do you exercise? Have you calculated how much energy you need to consume in a day when you are not exercising? Have you calculated the total calories of the food you eat a day, and the ratio of the three major nutrients are how much?

The purpose of exercise is to increase the daily metabolic consumption, a person’s energy consumption includes three parts: basal metabolism, activity metabolism, food heat effect, the consumption of exercise is counted in your activity metabolism, here also includes your work, shower, shopping, walking in the car when the energy consumption. You write this question my head numb, exercise is a means to increase metabolism, you simply can not say it has no effective, because the ultimate success of weight loss depends on your total energy gap how much, and how long to maintain, metabolism is slow, and then slow can slow to where? The basic metabolism is 100, 200 calories lower than others, then exercise a half hour more, or eat a bowl of rice less, long-term exercise can improve your basic metabolism, your body fat, to be honest, even if the diet is not deliberately restrained under the premise of an hour of exercise every day in high-intensity training, a few months can be reduced by a few percentage points.

Your own situation is not effective to do a few sets of high-intensity interval training every day, the body’s fat burning rate when exercising with the intensity of exercise, the length of exercise, exercise frequency, the most beginning of exercise, your body energy is mainly provided by carbohydrates, when the exercise more than an hour later, the body’s glycogen consumption is about the same, then the proportion of fat involved in energy supply will increase, from this point, we can also be derived to Diet, since glycogen is the main raw material to provide energy during exercise, then if less intake, is not consumed faster, the same intensity of training, the proportion of fat involved in metabolism is not more? So in the diet, in the fat loss period to reduce the intake of carbohydrates is very helpful, energy intake is not enough, increase the intake of protein, high protein diet through the thermal effect of food will be able to burn nearly 300 calories more, as for fat, the same need to intake, just give the body a signal – “do not panic, dear fat, I will not abandon you!” When the body reacts, you will have lost a few kilograms or even more body fat, it is possible to enter a plateau period, resume the diet for a period of time, continue to cheat the body, adjust the diet again in a week or so, and increase the amount of exercise, you can spend the plateau period to continue to lose fat, very stable.

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