• January 24, 2022

College Student Mental Health Day: If your heart is facing the sun, there is no fear of sadness

College Student Mental Health Day: If your heart is facing the sun, there is no fear of sadness

I think you should have had such feelings in college: in high school, the longing and aspiration for college, so that you topped the pressure of the college entrance exams and got into college, you thought that when you arrived at college, you could live a comfortable college life, however, it is not so, daily study with the pressure of exams, to deal with the complex interpersonal relationships, personal emotions and growth worries, personal career planning, and even the confusion of personal future and fear of future life.
Love others before loving yourself

Psychological problems of college students
1、 Confusion and bewilderment
At the university stage, college students are in the process of self-cognition and self-reinvention, and in this process, some students often show the psychological state of confusion and disorientation.
2、 Mood swings and emotional frustration
In college life, college students have the pursuit and desire for friendship and love, but also have emotional confusion and loss, and if they do not handle it well, they will be troubled by depression and depression.
3、 Study and employment anxiety
Anxiety is a common emotional disorder among college students, among which study anxiety and employment anxiety are especially prominent. The study in college and high school have changed a lot in terms of learning tasks, contents and methods. University requires strong self-learning ability, independent thinking and problem solving. Some college students still maintain the “inertia” of high school learning, waiting for the teacher to explain the textbook knowledge, and learning wherever the teacher talks, without the awareness of active learning. As a result, because they did not adapt to the learning method of university, a lot of knowledge was left behind, causing difficulties in learning later, and gradually lost confidence in learning.
4、 Interpersonal discomfort
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Mental health standards
1、 Able to maintain a strong interest in learning and a desire to learn.
2. The ability to maintain a correct sense of self and acceptance of self. Self-awareness is the core of personality, referring to the person’s awareness and experience of his or her relationship with the world around him or her.
3、Be able to coordinate and control emotions and maintain a good state of mind. Psychologically healthy people can often maintain a happy, confident and satisfied mood, good at seeking pleasure from action, full of hope for life, and good emotional stability.
4, can maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships, happy to interact.
5、Be able to maintain a complete and unified personality quality. The ultimate goal of mental health is to maintain the integrity of personality and develop a sound personality. Personality integrity refers to the balanced development of personality composition of temperament, ability, character and ideals, beliefs, outlook on life and other aspects.
6、Ability to maintain good environmental adaptability includes correct understanding of the environment and handling the relationship between the individual and the environment.
7、Psychological behavior is in line with age characteristics. A person’s psychological behavior often deviates seriously from his or her age characteristics, which is generally a sign of mental unhealthiness.

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