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How to maintain mental health

How to maintain mental health

A healthy mind is the best way to prevent psychological abnormalities. However, everyone is in a different environment, encounters are different, there is no set of methods for individuals are accurate. So the methods and principles described below are not important, what is important is that you have to do it, because life itself is an art, the application or not, all depends on the heart.

1. Know yourself and be happy with yourself
“It is difficult to know people, the sea is not deep enough to describe its depth, the valley is not enough to match its danger, the floating clouds are not enough to compare its change”
This is the old man Su Shi’s comment on the difficulty of knowing people, but in fact, it is difficult to know people and even more difficult to know oneself. The superficiality of self-perception is one of the main reasons for the formation of psychological abnormalities.
People with low self-esteem and self-pity say “you can do it, I can’t”, so they bind themselves and depress themselves.

Self-loathing people are not willing to say “I can’t”, but there is no direction of effort, so they indulge themselves and trample on themselves.

The proud and conceited say “I can, you can’t”, pretentious, boasting, can only deceive others for a while, deceive themselves for a lifetime.

Self-confident and self-improvement people say “you can do it, I can also do it”, fully understand themselves and give full play to their maximum potential.
Those with low self-esteem, self-loathing, and pride and conceit are not completely ignorant of themselves. From another point of view, they also know themselves, but they can’t really accept themselves, and the root cause is low self-esteem. Only by knowing the real self and accepting the real self can we achieve health.

2. Face the reality and adapt to the environment
The ability to face reality is an objective criterion of psychological normalcy. Mentally healthy people can always maintain good contact with reality. On the one hand, they can exert their best ability to transform and adapt to the environment to achieve harmony between the subjective and objective world; on the other hand, when they are unable to do so, they can promptly choose another goal or re-choose a method to adapt to the environment. The most important characteristic of psychological abnormalities is that they are detached from reality or avoid reality.

In real life we should have the spirit of “go your own way, let others say go” and hold on to your own sense of autonomy. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the advice of friends, a single-minded my way, maverick, always too different from others, with the reality and how to mental health?

3. Make friends with friends, and good people

Be willing to interact with people, and establish good relationships with others, is a necessary condition for mental health. People are a group of people, even if they are introverted and lonely, they also have their own interpersonal relationships. People get along with each other not only to get help or information, but also to share our happiness and let out our sadness. Imagine how it feels when you are full of joy and no one congratulates you, or how it feels when you have no one to talk to about your pain.
The principle of interacting with people is: be honest with others and be honest with yourself. We do not advocate that people hit your left face you also put the right face, but also do not agree that because of a small matter will be regarded as an enemy, not together. But at the same time, do not be naive to think that how you treat others, how others should treat you. When interacting, positive attitudes or emotions such as respect, trust, joy, etc. should outweigh negative energy. Life is beautiful, and beautiful things are always more favored.

4. Work hard and learn to relax

The meaning of work is not only a means to get a salary. It is also a way to show your personal value and gain psychological satisfaction. Your work represents your achievement; on the other hand, work makes people express themselves in a group and improve their personal status. There are many elderly people who have just retired and have a serious sense of loss. We often say that “work is a life-saver for the elderly”, so letting the elderly find some “work” again can help them find their own sense of existence and return to a healthy psychology.
On the other hand, the fast-paced modern life makes us busy and mechanical, and many people are emotionally stressed for a long time and are not good at adjusting to rest. Usually encounter rest is to sleep or overnight TV, overnight games, but more tired than working days. We should reasonably arrange leisure time to enrich leisure, so that leisure becomes a time to restore physical strength, transfer brain power, relaxation of body and mind.

The maintenance of mental health mainly depends on oneself, in the next, I will also introduce relevant psychological knowledge, so that everyone can maintain their own mental health and become their own psychologist.

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