• October 4, 2022

What are the physical characteristics of people who are more likely to lose weight?

What are the physical characteristics of people who are more likely to lose weight?

First, you are not only fat, but you are also strong enough to afford your weight. Weight loss is simple. Fat people are divided into two kinds, one is the above-mentioned type of healthy fat boy, the other category is false fat. False fat people more meat, but always no spirit, strength is not much, more than two hundred pounds of weight poke in the three seconds, you grab the rebound buttocks an arch he stumbled, belongs to the false fat. If you are a healthy fat boy, it means that your fat and muscle is proportional. And the characteristics of the human body is in your fat growth, even if you do not exercise, the fact that muscle has a certain degree of growth, interested in their own information to go to I do not ramble on. And muscle, is a powerful tool for weight loss, muscle consumption of energy skills super. So a forceful fat person means a lot of muscle, once you start to lose weight, choose the right way to see results soon. This one, regardless of gender, men and women are the same.

Second, hungry fast. Yes, eaters have a higher probability of weight loss success. Why? People who have studied fitness or weight loss, some have heard the word, called a “food heat effect. What does this mean? We are like saying that the human body is a huge machine that consumes energy all the time. Yes, if you don’t consume energy for a moment, the person will collapse. The energy consumed by the gastrointestinal digestive system is a large part of the total energy of the body. If you are hungry fast, eat and hungry, eat again and still hungry, excluding pathological factors, it means you have a set of iron stomach. Your gastrointestinal motility mechanism is exceptionally well arranged! You have this physical characteristic, then after starting to lose weight, adhering to less food and more meals, so that the intestines in spite of not much food, but a long time in a working state, can help your body to consume a lot of excess calories. If you don’t believe me, look inside some of the bodybuilding practice, are eating a five or six meals this day to count the past. Of course, what to eat and how to eat less food, not here to verbose, interested in their own mother to go. This match also has to be reasonable, otherwise the appetite can not stand.

Third, you are young enough to lose weight fast enough. People are different with the age, the body’s ability to consume calories is not the same. You see, 20-year-old people eat 6 buns a day, still a small waist; 40-year-old people 3 buns a day, the whole body five fat. Why? Because people are older, the body’s ability to consume calories has become worse, even if the meal size is small, many calories are not consumed, all fat. This is the root cause of middle-aged fat. So you intend to lose weight, first look at their own age, if you are between 15 and 30 years old, congratulations, the golden age of weight loss. This number of years to lose, either the method is wrong or lazy. Four one, the joints are huge. There are many kinds of human joints, according to the weight loss perspective, I personally tend to eight joints, namely: wrist elbow shoulder crotch knee ankle waist and neck, these eight places are significant for weight loss. Because where the weight loss exercise, almost without exception, is a full-body exercise. Whether it is a brisk walk jogging jumping rope swimming, or HIIT Bobby jumping TABATA, are a movement of the whole body shivering. So as long as you have a joint is a short board, then the weight loss set will have to be traded off. Let’s say you are a mouse wrist, then I’m really sorry, Bobby jumping and you say goodbye, because Bobby jumping must have wrist joints involved, you can only choose similar to running this kind of movement does not require the wrist. And the higher the integrity of your joints, the wider the choice of weight loss program, the better the results naturally.

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